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Optical wireless communications: introduction to the feature issue

J. Opt. Netw. 5(2), 79-81 (2006)  View: PDF

Channel modeling for optical wireless communication through dense fog

J. Opt. Netw. 4(6), 291-299 (2005)  View: PDF

Optical wireless communications within fourth-generation wireless systems [Invited]

J. Opt. Netw. 4(6), 312-322 (2005)  View: PDF

Optimizing IrDA throughput by including processing time with physical layer consideration

J. Opt. Netw. 4(6), 323-331 (2005)  View: PDF

Self-organizing broadband hybrid wireless networks

J. Opt. Netw. 4(7), 446-459 (2005)  View: PDF

Aperture averaging for optimizing receiver design and system performance on free-space optical communication links

J. Opt. Netw. 4(8), 462-475 (2005)  View: PDF

Ultimate channel capacity of free-space optical communications [Invited]

J. Opt. Netw. 4(8), 501-516 (2005)  View: PDF

Satellite-based quantum communication terminal employing state-of-the-art technology

J. Opt. Netw. 4(9), 549-560 (2005)  View: PDF

Entangled and non-line-of-sight (NLOS) free-space photon quantum communication [Invited]

J. Opt. Netw. 4(9), 573-584 (2005)  View: PDF

Shannon capacities and error-correction codes for optical atmospheric turbulent channels

J. Opt. Netw. 4(9), 586-601 (2005)  View: PDF

Arbitrary waveform synthesis for communication applications

J. Opt. Netw. 4(10), 647-656 (2005)  View: PDF

Optical wireless links with enhanced linearity and selectivity [Invited]

J. Opt. Netw. 4(10), 671-684 (2005)  View: PDF