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Graphene/metal oxide nanocomposites for Li-ion batteries

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For the purpose of improving the energy density of Li-ion batteries (LIBs), scientists have made great efforts to explore electrode materials with excellent performance. Metal oxide has attracted much attention because of their high theoretical reversible Li+ storage capacity, however, the practical application of metal oxide as electrode materials is hampered by their poor cycle performance, resulting from the serious volume expansion and contraction during the insertion and extraction processes of Li+. Results have shown that hybridizing metal oxide with graphene is an effective method to solve this problem because of the excellent properties of graphene. Up to date, by using chemistry solution processes, a lot of papers related to the preparation of graphene/metal oxide nanocomposites with improved Li-storage performance have been reported. However, these processes are usually complicated and time-consuming, involving a multistep approach resulting in the inhomogeneous dispersion of nanoparticels on the graphene matrix, or use of additional toxic chemicals. Therefore, it is still necessary to explore an efficient, economic, and green method to prepare graphene/metal oxide nanocomposites. Moreover, graphene/metal oxide composites with unique structural or compositions such as anchored, wrapped, encapsulated, macroscopic 2D or 3D structure (film, paper, aerogel), nitrogen-doping of graphene, can not only improve the electrochemical properties of graphene/metal oxide nanocomposites such as high capacity, high rate capability and excellent cycling stability more efficiently but also expand their applications in flexible or bendable energy storage devices, such as rollup displays, stretchable integrated circuits, and wearable devices. Our work focuses on preparing the graphene/metal oxide nanocomposites by facile methold and exploring the graphene/metal oxide composites with unique structural or compositions for specific applications.

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