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Atmospheric and Ocean Optics

The editors of Applied Optics have selected articles from a variety of topic areas that reflect the progression of each area over Applied Optics' history.

These collections and the articles within them are not meant to be comprehensive but authoritative, showing that significant contributions were made and continue to be made in these areas.

For this collection, we are focusing on atmospheric and ocean optics and have provided a selection of 27 articles for your reading pleasure.

Determination of Extraterrestrial Solar Spectral Irradiance from a Research Aircraft
  • Applied Optics, Vol. 8 Issue 11, pp.2215-2232 (1969)
  • Arvesen, John C; Griffin Jr , Roy N; Pearson Jr , B Douglas
Stable analytical inversion solution for processing lidar returns
  • Applied Optics, Vol. 20 Issue 2, pp.211-220 (1981)
  • Klett, James D
Absorption of visible radiation in atmosphere containing mixtures of absorbing and nonabsorbing particles
  • Applied Optics, Vol. 20 Issue 20, pp.3661-3667 (1981)
  • Ackerman, Thomas P; Toon, Owen B
Clear water radiances for atmospheric correction of coastal zone color scanner imagery
  • Applied Optics, Vol. 20 Issue 24, pp.4175-4180 (1981)
  • Gordon, Howard R; Clark, Dennis K
NASA multipurpose airborne DIAL system and measurements of ozone and aerosol profiles
  • Applied Optics, Vol. 22 Issue 4, pp.522-534 (1983)
  • Browell, E V; Carter, A F; Shipley, S T; Allen, R J; Butler, C F; Mayo, M N; Siviter Jr , J H; Hall, W M
High spectral resolution lidar to measure optical scattering properties of atmospheric aerosols. 1: Theory and instrumentation
  • Applied Optics, Vol. 22 Issue 23, pp.3716-3724 (1983)
  • Shipley, S T; Tracy, D H; Eloranta, E W; Trauger, J T; Sroga, J T; Roesler, F L; Weinman, J A
Collisional narrowing effects on spectral line shapes measured at high resolution
  • Applied Optics, Vol. 23 Issue 14, pp.2376-2385 (1984)
  • Varghese, Philip L; Hanson, Ronald K
Optimizing a pulsed Doppler lidar
  • Applied Optics, Vol. 29 Issue 28, pp.4145-4158 (1990)
  • Post, Madison J; Cupp, Richard E
Midlatitude lidar backscatter to mass, area, and extinction conversion model based on in situ aerosol measurements from 1980 to 1987
  • Applied Optics, Vol. 30 Issue 1, pp.127-138 (1991)
  • Jäger, Horst; Hofmann, David
Raman lidar system for the measurement of water vapor and aerosols in the Earth's atmosphere
  • Applied Optics, Vol. 31 Issue 16, pp.3068-3082 (1992)
  • Whiteman, D N; Melfi, S H; Ferrare, R A
Independent measurement of extinction and backscatter profiles in cirrus clouds by using a combined Raman elastic-backscatter lidar
  • Applied Optics, Vol. 31 Issue 33, pp.7113-7131 (1992)
  • Ansmann, Albert; Wandinger, Ulla; Riebesell, Maren; Weitkamp, Claus; Michaelis, Walfried
Diffuse reflectance of oceanic waters. II Bidirectional aspects
  • Applied Optics, Vol. 32 Issue 33, pp.6864-6879 (1993)
  • Morel, André Gentili, Bernard
Retrieval of water-leaving radiance and aerosol optical thickness over the oceans with SeaWiFS: a preliminary algorithm
  • Applied Optics, Vol. 33 Issue 3, pp.443-452 (1994)
  • Gordon, Howard R; Wang, Menghua
Aircraft (ER-2) laser infrared absorption spectrometer (ALIAS) for in-situ stratospheric measurements of HCI, N2O, CH4, NO2, and HNO3
  • Applied Optics, Vol. 33 Issue 3, pp.454-472 (1994)
  • Webster, C R; May, R D; Trimble, C A; Chave, R G; Kendall, J
Automated multifilter rotating shadow-band radiometer: an instrument for optical depth and radiation measurements
  • Applied Optics, Vol. 33 Issue 22, pp.5118-5125 (1994)
  • Harrison, Lee; Michalsky, Joseph; Berndt, Jerry
Refractive index of air: new equations for the visible and near infrared
  • Applied Optics, Vol. 35 Issue 9, pp.1566-1573 (1996)
  • Ciddor, Philip E
Remote sensing of vertical profiles of atmospheric trace constituents with MlPAS limb-emission spectrometers
  • Applied Optics, Vol. 35 Issue 16, pp.2787-2796 (1996)
  • Fischer, H; Oelhaf, H
Wave-front correction and production of Zernike modes with a liquid-crystal spatial light modulator
  • Applied Optics, Vol. 36 Issue 7, pp.1517-1520 (1997)
  • Love, Gordon D
Absorption spectrum (380-700 nm) of pure water. II. Integrating cavity measurements
  • Applied Optics, Vol. 36 Issue 33, pp.8710-8723 (1997)
  • Pope, Robin M; Fry, Edward S
Turn-Key Raman Lidar for Profiling Atmospheric Water Vapor, Clouds, and Aerosols
  • Applied Optics, Vol. 37 Issue 21, pp.4979-4990 (1998)
  • Goldsmith, J E M; Blair, Forest H; Bisson, Scott E; Turner, David D
Microphysical Particle Parameters from Extinction and Backscatter Lidar Data by Inversion with Regularization: Theory
  • Applied Optics, Vol. 38 Issue 12, pp.2346-2357 (1999)
  • Müller, Detlef; Wandinger, Ulla; Ansmann, Albert
Light Backscattering Polarization Patterns from Turbid Media: Theory and Experiment
  • Applied Optics, Vol. 38 Issue 15, pp.3399-3408 (1999)
  • Raković, Milun J; Kattawar, George W; Mehruubeoğlu, Mehruube; Cameron, Brent D; Wang, Lihong V; Rastegar, Sohi; Coté, Gerard L
Tropospheric emission spectrometer for the Earth Observing System's Aura satellite
  • Applied Optics, Vol. 40 Issue 15, pp.2356-2367 (2001)
  • Beer, Reinhard; Glavich, Thomas A; Rider, David M
Optimization of a semianalytical ocean color model for global-scale applications
  • Applied Optics, Vol. 41 Issue 15, pp.2705-2714 (2002)
  • Maritorena, Stéphane; Siegel, David A; Peterson, Alan R
Deriving Inherent Optical Properties from Water Color: a Multiband Quasi-Analytical Algorithm for Optically Deep Waters
  • Applied Optics, Vol. 41 Issue 27, pp.5755-5772 (2002)
  • Lee, ZhongPing; Carder, Kendall L; Arnone, Robert A
Retrievals for the atmospheric chemistry experiment Fourier-transform spectrometer
  • Applied Optics, Vol. 44 Issue 33, pp.7218-7231 (2005)
  • Boone, Chris D; Nassar, Ray; Walker, Kaley A; Rochon, Yves; McLeod, Sean D; Rinsland, Curtis P; Bernath, Peter F
Thermal and near infrared sensor for carbon observation Fourier-transform spectrometer on the Greenhouse Gases Observing Satellite for greenhouse gases monitoring
  • Applied Optics, Vol. 48 Issue 35, pp.6716-6733 (2009)
  • Kuze, Akihiko; Suto, Hiroshi; Nakajima, Masakatsu; Hamazaki, Takashi