Applied Optics Feature Announcement

Advanced Infrared Technology and Applications (AITA)

Submissions Open: 1 December 2017
Submission Deadline: 15 January 2018

This feature issue of Applied Optics is based on the fourteenth AITA International meeting, to be held on the grounds of the Laval University in Quebec City, Canada, 27–29 September 2017, on Advanced Infrared Technology and Applications. While meeting participants are particularly encouraged to submit their work, this feature issue is open to all contributions. All papers need to present original, previously unpublished work and will be subject to the normal standards and peer-review process of the Applied Optics journal. To be eligible for publication, any paper from an AITA 14 participant needs to add substantial and/or significant new information to the original 4-page conference summary. Appropriate attribution to the conference paper must also be given in the manuscript. Please see OSA's guidelines on conference papers.

Infrared (IR) technology and its applications have been growing exponentially within the past decade due to the deployment of novel materials in previously unexplored IR bands. This technological expansion has fuelled novel IR diagnostic applications in tissue characterization and medical monitoring, search and rescue in marine environments, characterization of art hardware (eg, paints, linens, wood, interpretation of ineligible text), and remote sensing and astronomy. These recent applications have arisen in addition to the traditional uses of IR to optical sensing, analytical studies in chemistry, undetected monitoring in industry, security, and non-destructive non-perturbing testing of materials and structures. While the military has traditionally maintained the lead in the development of novel materials due to the research costs, recent applications have incorporated special-purpose experimental and data processing techniques tailored to probing specific features.

This feature issue is aimed at scientists, engineers, and practitioners interested in understanding the basic principles of infrared science, including the generation and characterization of IR radiation and propagation through diverse gases, atmospheres, liquids and materials, and finally detection, including spatial, spectral, and temporal demodulation techniques.

Topics of interest include, but are not limited to, the following areas:

  1. Advanced technology and materials
    • Smart and fiber-optic sensors
    • Thermo-fluid dynamics
    • Biomedical applications
    • Environmental monitoring
    • Aerospace and industrial applications
    • Nanophotonics and nanotechnologies
    • Astronomy and earth observation
    • Non-destructive tests and evaluation
    • Systems and applications for the cultural heritage
    • Image processing and data analysis
    • Visible-, near-, mid-, far-, and very-far IR systems
  2. New technologies for optical sensing applications
    • Novel continuous wave, pulsed, modulated lasers and their characterization
    • High and low repetition rate sources
    • Broadband lasers
    • Ultrafast lasers
    • Frequency combs
  3. Analytical sensing methods
    • Spectroscopic sensing of gases, aerosols, and particulates
    • Real-time monitoring and control in of processes, including combustion
    • Plasma- and industrial-process, including energy utilization and global warming effects
  4. Expansion of techniques toward the visible and THz spectral ranges
  5. Novel spectroscopic science within the IR domain
  6. Security applications
    • Remote sensing
    • Miniaturization
    • Optical lab-on-chip systems
    • Silicon photonics, biochemical and biophysical applications
    • Non-invasive, non-intrusive, and non-destructive techniques

Manuscripts must be prepared according to the usual standards for submission to Applied Optics (/ao/submit/style/jrnls_style.cfm) and must be uploaded through OSA's electronic submission system (/ao/journal/ao/author.cfm), specifying from the drop-down menu that the manuscript is for the Feature Issue on Advanced Infrared Technology and Applications.

Feature Issue Editors

Marija Strojnik, Optical Research Center and University of Guadalajara, Mexico (Lead Editor)
Mario D'Acunto, Italian National Council of Research (CNR), Italy
Xavier Maldague, Laval University, Canada
Junko Morikawa, Tokyo Institute of Technology, Japan
Antoni Rogalski, Polish Academy of Sciences, Poland