Proposal Requirements for an AOP Review/Tutorial

Any prospective author can submit a proposal for a review, tutorial, or roadmap based on the following guidelines. Please review the guidelines carefully and then complete the form below for consideration.

Advances in Optics and Photonics (AOP) publishes invited in-depth review articles, tutorials, and roadmaps encompassing theoretical and experimental optics along with applications of optics and photonics technology.

  • Reviews provide a comprehensive overview of topics that have maintained vigorous interest/activity over a long period of time and yet have ample room to grow;
  • Tutorials educate readers on emerging areas where new discoveries and recent results are expected to have an impact on research and applications in optics and photonics immediately, and in several directions.
  • Roadmaps stimulate and drive a current or emerging field of study forward by outlining the current and potential future directions of research. They are a compilation of 2-3 page contributions from thought-leaders in the community, brought together by the lead authors into a cohesive picture.

All three article types should present a balanced view of recent work on the topic by the most active groups, rather than simply a summary of the author's own research. The article length can vary over a wide range; articles shorter than 40 pages, excluding references, are discouraged. In addition, AOP tutorials and roadmaps should be accessible to a broad audience including not only experts in the topic but also students and non-specialists who are interested in learning and pursuing research in the topic.

To submit a proposal, please provide the following information.

Please specify whether this proposal is for a review article, tutorial or roadmap.
Proposed topic.
Lead author name.
Lead author email address.
Names and affiliations of all co-authors.
Discuss in one paragraph why, in your opinion, the proposed topic requires a comprehensive review, tutorial, or roadmap at this time.
List the most relevant publications of the last five years and indicate whether there have been other roadmaps/reviews/tutorials/colloquia published recently in related topic areas.
For review articles, describe your perspective of how this topic will grow/develop in the near future. For tutorials, describe your perspective on how recent discoveries or breakthroughs in this topic will immediately impact research and applications in optics and photonics, and in which directions. For roadmap articles, describe your perspective on how this topic will stimulate and drive a particular field of study forward by outlining the current and potential future directions of research.
Discuss in one paragraph why you think you are qualified to coordinate the AOP review/tutorial/roadmap on the proposed topic.
Provide a list of the top keywords for the proposed review/tutorial/roadmap. These should be as specific to the topic area/field as possible.
Provide a list of key groups in the field whose work will be cited, or is related, and who may therefore be interested in reading the proposed review/tutorial/roadmap.
Provide the proposed review/tutorial/roadmap outline. Include information on the qualifications of your co-authors and a sentence describing the content of each author's contribution.
Provide a completion date for the review/tutorial/roadmap. It should be as realistic as possible given your workload and other duties.