9. Peer Review

Our Peer Review Process

The Editor's Decision

The journal editors will render one of the following decisions on your submission. 

Revise and Resubmit:

  • You are encouraged to resubmit after revisions have been made to address the reviewers’ comments
  • When resubmitted, the editor decides whether to accept the revision or refer it back to the previous reviewers for further comment
  • See section 10 for more information on addressing reviewer comments

Accepted for publication:

  • No further revisions to your manuscript are needed
  • Your manuscript will enter the production process
  • See section 12 to learn about the publication process post-acceptance

Manuscript is rejected:

  • The editor feels that, even if revised, your manuscript will not meet the journal’s criteria
  • See section 11 for advice on handling rejection

Manuscript is rejected, but may be appropriate for transfer to another journal:

  • If an editor determines that a manuscript is out of scope but may be suitable for another Optica Publishing Group journal, the editors of both journals will consult and, if they agree, will contact the author to offer to transfer the manuscript.
  • Some manuscripts that are declined from Optica are eligible to be transferred to another Optica Publishing Group journal at the author’s request.
  • Some manuscripts that are rejected from Optica Publishing Group journals are eligible to be transferred to Optics Continuum (formerly OSA Continuum) at the author’s request.
  • If the author agrees to the transfer, the original receipt date is retained.
  • The editors strongly discourage resubmitting rejected manuscripts to other Optica Publishing Group journals, except by invitation