6. Writing Your Manuscript


Selecting Keywords

Many journals will ask you to submit a set of keywords with your manuscript, often on the title page and/or in the manuscript submission system.  You may also be asked to select a topic category.  Some journals, including Optica Publishing Group journals, now use automated approaches to ‘read’ your manuscript and identify keywords.

These keywords and categories may be used to identify editors and reviewers with appropriate expertise to review your manuscript.  After publication, the keywords and categories may be used by indexers to classify your content and by online search engines to rank your article in search results.  If your manuscript is accepted for publication, coupled with your title and abstract, your keywords will impact how readers will find, read, and cite your work.

Optica Publishing Group journals do not require keywords, but do request that authors select a topic category during submission.  Keywords are automatically assigned from the Optics and Photonics Topics.