25 April 2018, Volume 2, Issue 2, pp. 119-202  
11 articles

Error Accumulation and Transfer Effects of the Retrieved Aerosol Backscattering Coefficient Caused by Lidar Ratios

Curr. Opt. Photon. 2(2), 119-124 (2018)  View: PDF

Analysis on Design and Fabrication of High-diffraction-efficiency Multilayer Dielectric Gratings

Curr. Opt. Photon. 2(2), 125-133 (2018)  View: PDF

Photonic Generation of Frequency-tripling Vector Signal Based on Balanced Detection without Precoding or Optical Filter

Curr. Opt. Photon. 2(2), 134-139 (2018)  View: PDF

Geometric and Wave Optic Features in the Optical Transmission Patterns of Injection-molded Mesoscale Pyramid Prism Patterned Plates

Curr. Opt. Photon. 2(2), 140-146 (2018)  View: PDF

Numerical Study of a Novel Bi-focal Metallic Fresnel Zone Plate Having Shallow Depth-of-field Characteristics

Curr. Opt. Photon. 2(2), 147-152 (2018)  View: PDF

Background-noise Reduction for Fourier Ptychographic Microscopy Based on an Improved Thresholding Method

Curr. Opt. Photon. 2(2), 165-171 (2018)  View: PDF

Endoscopic Precise 3D Surface Profiler Based on Continuously Scanning Structured Illumination Microscopy

Curr. Opt. Photon. 2(2), 172-178 (2018)  View: PDF

Periodically Poled BaTiO3: An Excellent Crystal for Terahertz Wave Generation by Cascaded Difference-frequency Generation

Curr. Opt. Photon. 2(2), 179-184 (2018)  View: PDF

Ellipsometric Characterization of Rubbed Polyimide Alignment Layer in Relation with Distribution of Liquid Crystal Molecules in Twisted Nematic Cell

Curr. Opt. Photon. 2(2), 185-194 (2018)  View: PDF

Scanning Rayleigh Doppler Lidar for Wind Profiling Based on Non-polarized Beam Splitter Cube Optically Contacted FPI

Curr. Opt. Photon. 2(2), 195-202 (2018)  View: PDF