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Prediction of formaldehyde and residual methanol concentration in formalin using near infrared spectroscopy

Roberto Magalhães, Nádia Paiva, João M Ferra, Fernão D Magalhães, Jorge M Martins, and Luisa H Carvalho
J. Near Infrared Spectrosc. 30(3), 160-168 (2022)  View: PDF

Investigating the water structures in reverse micelles by temperature-dependent near infrared spectroscopy combined with independent component analysis

Mian Wang, Yan Sun, Chaoshu Duan, Wensheng Cai, and Xueguang Shao
J. Near Infrared Spectrosc. 30(3), 154-159 (2022)  View: PDF

Qualitative classification of Dendrobium huoshanense (Feng dou) using fast non-destructive hand-held near infrared spectroscopy

Fang Wang, Bin Jia, Jun Dai, Xiangwen Song, Xiaoli Li, Haidi Gao, Hui Yan, and Bangxing Han
J. Near Infrared Spectrosc. 30(3), 147-153 (2022)  View: PDF

Towards real time release testing of Shuxuening injection based on near infrared spectroscopy and accuracy profile

Xiaojie Ouyang, Shuyi Zhan, Min Tang, Shumei Wang, Shengwang Liang, and Fei Sun
J. Near Infrared Spectrosc. 30(3), 138-146 (2022)  View: PDF

Discrimination of centre composition in panned chocolate goods using near infrared spectroscopy

Joel B Johnson
J. Near Infrared Spectrosc. 30(3), 130-137 (2022)  View: PDF