2 July 2007, Volume 6, Issue 7, pp. 808-967  
14 articles


Transmission in Optically Transparent Core Networks

open access J. Opt. Netw. 6(7), i-ii (2007)  View: PDF

Optical packet-switched interconnect based on wavelength-division- multiplexed clockwork routing

J. Opt. Netw. 6(7), 840-853 (2007)  View: PDF

Business prospects of wide-scale deployment of free space optical technology as a last-mile solution: a techno-economic evaluation

J. Opt. Netw. 6(7), 860-870 (2007)  View: HTML | PDF

Analytical modeling for the threshold service differentiation mechanism in asynchronous optical buffers

J. Opt. Netw. 6(7), 871-883 (2007)  View: PDF

Fiber-channel trade-off for reducing collisions in slotted single-hop optical packet-switched networks

J. Opt. Netw. 6(7), 897-912 (2007)  View: HTML | PDF

Advance lightpath reservation for WDM networks with dynamic traffic

J. Opt. Netw. 6(7), 913-924 (2007)  View: PDF

Capacity enhancement of passive optical access networks using orthogonal modulation schemes

J. Opt. Netw. 6(7), 925-936 (2007)  View: PDF

Code-division multiplexing for in-service out-of-band monitoring of live FTTH-PONs

J. Opt. Netw. 6(7), 819-829 (2007)  View: PDF

Performance of OCDMA systems using a complementary subtraction technique

J. Opt. Netw. 6(7), 854-859 (2007)  View: PDF

OCDM-based photonic layer 'security' scalable to 100 Gbits/s for existing WDM networks [Invited]

J. Opt. Netw. 6(7), 948-967 (2007)  View: HTML | PDF

Passive optical network deployment in North America [Invited]

J. Opt. Netw. 6(7), 808-818 (2007)  View: PDF

Colorless and plug-and-play technologies for WDM access over existing power-splitter-based infrastructure

J. Opt. Netw. 6(7), 830-839 (2007)  View: PDF

Efficient resource allocation with service guarantees in passive optical networks

J. Opt. Netw. 6(7), 884-896 (2007)  View: PDF