Instructions for Preparing and Submitting Your Manuscript to JOCN

Thank you for your interest in submitting your manuscript to the Journal of Optical Communications and Networking through Optica Publishing Group's Prism article tracking system (see below). The following guidelines will help you prepare your paper for JOCN.

Manuscript Preparation: Use of either MS Word or LaTeX is acceptable for manuscript preparation. Please use only the following templates and tools to help you prepare your manuscript:

Please note that these templates are specific to JOCN and are required for preparing a research article for submission to JOCN.

A Note About Author Bios: You have the option of supplying a biography with or without a picture of each author of your paper. You may supply the bios along with pictures in the MS Word or LaTeX file at the time of submission, but please note that you will be asked to supply eps or tif files of the author pictures during the final preproduction review. You will receive further instructions about the image files at that time, but you can review the guidelines for the bios and pictures in the Instructions for Supplying Author Bios and Photos.


Manuscript Submission: Manuscripts should be submitted to JOCN through Optica Publishing Group's Prism article tracking system. Optica Publishing Group will manage the peer-review and production processes for JOCN. Questions about print copies should be directed to IEEE Customer Service.

  • JOCN does not have mandatory length charges for papers 10 printed pages or less. However, if your paper is 11-15 pages, you will be assessed a $220 per page charge for pages 11-15. For example, 12 pages = 2 x $220 or $440. Articles exceeding 15 pages will not be published unless prior approval is obtained from the Editor-in-Chief and will be subject to page charges for all pages beyond the first 10.
  • JOCN authors can log in to Optica Publishing Group's Prism article tracking system to submit a manuscript or check manuscript status (see Prism login link below).
  • General information for authors is available on the author page.
  • At the time of submission please identify your paper as either (1) Architectural and theoretic system designs or (2) Experimental systems.