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Waveband Switching, Routing, and Grooming: introduction to the feature issue

J. Opt. Netw. 6(2), 217-218 (2007)  View: PDF

Waveband switching in light trail optical networks with dynamic traffic [Invited]

J. Opt. Netw. 5(10), 701-714 (2006)  View: PDF

Protection in multigranular waveband networks

J. Opt. Netw. 5(11), 790-806 (2006)  View: PDF

Multigranular integrated services optical network

J. Opt. Netw. 5(12), 985-1001 (2006)  View: PDF

Single-layer multigranular optical cross-connect architecture with conversion capability and enhanced flexibility

J. Opt. Netw. 5(12), 1002-1012 (2006)  View: PDF

Architecture design and performance evaluation of multigranularity optical networks based on optical code division multiplexing

J. Opt. Netw. 5(12), 1028-1042 (2006)  View: PDF

Framework for waveband switching in multigranular optical networks: part I-multigranular cross-connect architectures [Invited]

J. Opt. Netw. 5(12), 1043-1055 (2006)  View: PDF

Optimal design for survivable backbones with end-to-end and subpath wavebanding

J. Opt. Netw. 6(1), 1-12 (2007)  View: PDF