Topical and Associate Editors

Over the course of OSA's 100-year history, OSA Publishing has been fortunate enough to have hundreds of leading scientists and researchers serve as topical and assistant editors for its journals. We recognize and appreciate their important contributions to JOSA, JOSA A, and JOSA B.

JOSA A Editor-in-Chief P. Scott Carney introduced the current and some new JOSA A volunteer editors with three editorials: "The dedicated volunteers of JOSA A," "A new addition to the JOSA A team," and "Image Science at JOSA A."

Journal of the Optical Society
NameTitleTerm of ServiceSee Also
Allen, FrankAssociate Editor1926-1931
Alpern, MathewAssociate Editor1982-1983
Anderson, J. A.Associate Editor1917-1922
Andrew, Kenneth L.Associate Editor1980-1983
Aspnes, David E.Associate Editor1978-1983JOSA A/JOSA B
Ballard, Stanley S.Associate Editor1951-1983
Barnes, R. B. Associate Editor1942-1947
Barnoski, Michael K.Associate Editor1982-1983
Baumeister, Philip W.Associate Editor1968-1979
Benesch, William M.Associate Editor1978-1983
Benford, FrankAssociate Editor1938-1949
Bennett, A. H.Associate Editor1952-1957
Bennett, Harold E.Associate Editor1968-1979
Bennett, Jean M.Associate Editor1982-1983
Billings, Bruce H.Associate Editor1950-1957
Bovie, W. T.Associate Editor1922-1923
Boynton, Robert M.Topical Editor1977-1980
Boynton, Robert M.Associate Editor1982-1983
Brandt, Gerald B.Associate Editor1972-1977
Brewer, Richard G.Associate Editor1980-1983
Bridges, William B.Associate Editor1978-1983
Brode, W. R.Associate Editor1942-1949, 1961-1971
Brown, John LottAssociate Editor1973-1977
Burch, Darrell E.Associate Editor1970-1981
Burgess, G. K.Associate Editor1922-1925
Burke, James E.Associate Editor1968-1979
Cady, W. G.Associate Editor1936-1941
Carroll, B. H.Associate Editor1942-1963
Carter, William H.Associate Editor1980-1983
Cathey, W. ThomasTopical Editor1977-1979
Clifford, Steven F.Associate Editor1978-1983JOSA A
Clifford, Steven F.Topical Editor1982-1983JOSA A
Compton, K. T. Associate Editor1922-1927
Conway, John G.Topical Editor1982-1983
Cowan, Robert D. Associate Editor1974-1979
Crittenden, E. C.Associate Editor1924-1929
Crosswhite, Henry M.Associate Editor1980-1983
Curtis, H. D.Associate Editor1922-1927
Dainty, John C.Topical Editor1980-1982JOSA A
Darrow, K. K.Associate Editor1926-1937
Davis, Sumner P.Associate Editor1966-1977
Davis, Sumner P.Topical Editor1979-1981
Davisson, C. J.Associate Editor1938-1943
De Wolf, David A.Associate Editor1970-1981
Duante, Wm.Associate Editor1925-1927
Duffendack, O. S. Associate Editor1944-1949
Dushman, SaulAssociate Editor1928-1939
Ferguson, W. F. C.Associate Editor1956-1965
Forsythe, W. E. Associate Editor1944-1951
Foster, Leon V.Associate Editor1952-1957
Fried, David L.Associate Editor1968-1983
Frieden, B. RoyAssociate Editor1978-1983
Fry, Glenn A.Associate Editor1951-1971
Fulcher, G. S.Associate Editor1926-1931
Gale, H. G.Associate Editor1922-1923
Gardner, I. C.Associate Editor1926-1937
George, NicholasAssociate Editor1979-1983
Gibson, K. S.Associate Editor1928-1957
Gliddon, G. H.Associate Editor1946-1951
Goodman, Joseph W.Topical Editor1975-1976
Goodman, Joseph W.Associate Editor1978-1979
Graham, C. H.Associate Editor1954-1971
Grondahl, L. O. Associate Editor1928-1939
Hall Jr., Freeman F.Topical Editor1979-1981
Hansch, Theodor W.Associate Editor1982-1983
Hardy, A. C.Associate Editor1938-1961
Harrison, G. R.Associate Editor1932-1939, 1950-1963
Hass, Georg H.Associate Editor1958-1981
Hecht, SeligAssociate Editor1946-1947
Helstrom, Carl W.Associate Editor1980-1983
Herriott, Donald R.Associate Editor1968-1973
Herzberger, MaxAssociate Editor1948-1965
Hirschfeld, TomasAssociate Editor1978-1983
Hopkins, R. E.Associate Editor1964-1979
Hufnagel, Robert E.Associate Editor1970-1981
Hulburt, E. O.Associate Editor1936-1947, 1950-1961
Hunter, William R.Associate Editor1972-1977
Hurvich, Leo M.Associate Editor1980-1983
Hyde, E. P.Associate Editor1922-1923
Ingersoll, L. R.Associate Editor1922-1925
Ishimaru, AkiraAssociate Editor1980-1983
Ives, H. E.Associate Editor1917-1953
Jenkins, F. A.Associate Editor1956-1960
Jones, L. A.Associate Editor1926-1955
Jones, R. ClarkAssociate Editor1958-1981
Judd, D. B.Associate Editor1936-1960, 1964-1973
Kaiser, PeterTopical Editor1979-1981
Kellner, G. A. HermanAssociate Editor1920-1922
Kessler, Karl G.Associate Editor1962-1973
Kinney, Jo Ann S.Associate Editor1972-1977
Klopsteg, P. E. Associate Editor1922-1945
Lancaster, W. B.Associate Editor1917-1923
Larmore, LewisTopical Editor1975-1978
Leverenz, H. W.Associate Editor1951-1957
Lin, ChinlonTopical Editor1982-1983
Lit, John W. Y.Associate Editor1974-1979
Lord, R. C.Associate Editor1950-1955
MacAdam, David L.Associate Editor1948-1963, 1976-1981
Mahan, A. I.Associate Editor1954-1977
Mandel, LeonardAssociate Editor1966-1977, 1982-1983
Marchand, Erich W.Associate Editor1968-1979
Marcuse, DietrichTopical Editor1977-1978
Martin, William C. Associate Editor1968-1979
Martin, William C. Topical Editor1975-1978
McKeehan, L. W.Associate Editor1932-1937
Mees, C. E. K.Associate Editor1917-1925
Meggers, W. F.Associate Editor1942-1961
Mellon, M. G.Associate Editor1942-1943
Mendenhall, C.E.Associate Editor1922-1925
Miller, D. C.Associate Editor1922-1925
Millikan, R. A.Associate Editor1924-1935
Monk, G.S.Associate Editor1938-1943
Moon, ParryAssociate Editor1942-1953
Mooradian, AramAssociate Editor1982-1983JOSA B
Mueller, HansAssociate Editor1942-1953
Nielsen, J. R.Associate Editor1950-1961
Nutting, P. G.Associate Editor1917-1923
O'Brien, BrianAssociate Editor1944-1955
Ogle, Kenneth N.Associate Editor1954-1969
Osterberg, HaroldAssociate Editor1954-1971, 1973-1977
Page, LeighAssociate Editor1936-1941
Palmer, Byron A.Associate Editor1982-1983
Pearson, James E.Topical Editor1979-1983
Pfund, A. E.Associate Editor1930-1947
Phelps III, Frederick M.Associate Editor1966-1977
Plyler, Earle K.Associate Editor1962-1973
Price, William H.Topical Editor1979-1981
Rank, David H.Associate Editor1958-1981
Rayton, W. B.Associate Editor1928-1947
Riggs, LorrinTopical Editor1975-1976
Riggs, LorrinAssociate Editor1962-1979
Roetling, Paul G.Associate Editor1972-1977
Saleh, B. E. A.Associate Editor1980-1983JOSA A
Samson, James A. R.Associate Editor1970-1981
Sargent III, MurrayAssociate Editor1980-1983
Sawyer, R. A.Associate Editor1942-1957
Schmidt, RonaldAssociate Editor1983-
Schulman, James H.Associate Editor1956-1979
Shannon, Robert R.Topical Editor1975-1978
Shapiro, Jeffry H.Associate Editor1980-1983
Sheard, C.Associate Editor1930-1935
Sieg, L. P.Associate Editor1924-1929
Siegman, Anthony E.Topical Editor1975-1978
Silberstein, L.Associate Editor1922-1927
Sinclair, Douglas C.Associate Editor1972-1975
Sitterly, Charlotte M.Associate Editor1958-1981
Snyder, Allan W.Associate Editor1982-1983
Southall, J. P. C.Associate Editor1917-1937
Stavroudis, Orestes N.Associate Editor1974-1979JOSA A
Stephens, Robert E.Associate Editor1958-1963
Stetson, Karl A.Associate Editor1978-1983
Streifer, WilliamAssociate Editor1978-1983
Sweet, Monroe H.Associate Editor1952-1957
Taylor, L. W.Associate Editor1930-1935
Thompson, Brian J.Associate Editor1966-1977
Tillyer, E. D.Associate Editor1940-1951
Tousey, RichardAssociate Editor1958-1981
Troland, L. T.Associate Editor1922-1927
Turner, A. FrancisAssociate Editor1964-1981
Turner, Arthur F.Associate Editor1958-1963
Twersky, VictorAssociate Editor1962-1967
Uhler, H. S.Associate Editor1924-1935
Vest, Charles M.Associate Editor1982-1983
Wald, GeorgeAssociate Editor1948-1977
Walther, AdriaanAssociate Editor1978-1983JOSA A
Warga, MaryAssociate Editor1948-1953
Wensel, H. T.Associate Editor1940-1945
Westheimer, GeraldAssociate Editor1980-1983
Westheimer, GeraldTopical Editor1981-1983
Williams, DudleyAssociate Editor1958-1981
Williams, H. B.Associate Editor1928-1939
Wright, F. E.Associate Editor1917-1927, 1940-1945
Wright, NormanAssociate Editor1946-1957
Wright, T. A.Associate Editor1942-1945
Wyant, James C.Associate Editor1978-1983JOSA A
Wynne, James J.Associate Editor1982-1987
Wyszecki, Gunter W.Associate Editor1980-1983
Yoder Jr., Paul R.Topical Editor1982-1983
Young, MattAssociate Editor1974-1979
Journal of the Optical Society A
NameTitleTerm of ServiceSee Also
Agarwal, G. S.Topical Editor2004-2007JOSA B
Artal, P.Topical Editor2006-2011
Ashok, AmitTopical Editor2016-
Aspnes, David E.Topical Editor1986JOSA/JOSA B
Azzam, R. M. A.Topical Editor1985, 1987-1989
Balasubramaniam, S.Topical Editor2015
Barbastathis, G.Topical Editor2003-2006
Barber, P.Topical Editor1992-1997
Barchers, J.Topical Editor2008-2013
Barchiesi, DominiqueTopical Editor2013-
Brainard, D. H.Topical Editor1997-2003
Brelstaff, G.Topical Editor2001-2007
Burke, J. J.Topical Editor1988-1991
Burns, S. A.Topical Editor2001-2004
Burns, W. K.Topical Editor1992-1994
Carney, P. ScottTopical Editor2010-2014
Carniglia, C. K.Topical Editor1990-1993
Carter, William H.Topical Editor2001-2004
Casperson, L. W.Topical Editor1998-2001
Cathey, W. ThomasTopical Editor1988-1990
Christensen, M. P.Topical Editor2007-2010
Chubb, Charles F.Topical Editor2011-
Clifford, Steven F.Topical Editor1984JOSA
Courtial, JohannesTopical Editor2013-
Ctyroky, J.Topical Editor2004-2010
Dainty, John C.Topical Editor1988-1991JOSA
Devaney, A. J.Topical Editor1984-1986
Eckstein, M.Topical Editor2005-2010
Ellerbroek, B. L.Topical Editor2002-2007
Fainman, S. Y.Topical Editor1995-2001
Fernandez-Maloigne, ChristineTopical Editor 2016-
Fiddy, M.Topical Editor1994-2001
Forbes, G. W.Topical Editor1992-1997
Frelich, R. G.Topical Editor1990-1996
Frezza, FabrizioTopical Editor2014-
Friberg, A. T.Topical Editor1998-2004
Gbur, GregTopical Editor2014-JOSA B
Ginis, HarilaosTopical Editor2012-
Glytsis, E. N.Topical Editor1992-1997
Gori, F.Topical Editor2004-2009
Greivenkamp Jr., J. E.Topical Editor1989-1996
Hall, D. G.Topical Editor1994-1997
Healey, G.Topical Editor1998-2001
Hernandez-Andres, J.Topical Editor2007-2013
Hodgkinson, I. J.Topical Editor1996-1999
Holmes, Richard B.Topical Editor2014-
Hunderi, O.Topical Editor1999-2005
Ikeuchi, K.Topical Editor1994-1997
Jain, A. K.Topical Editor1984-1986
Jain, R.Topical Editor1992-1994
James, D. F. V.Topical Editor2008-2013
Klein, S. A.Topical Editor1990-1991, 1993-1991
Lam, Edmund. Y.Topical Editor2009-2014
Landy, M. S.Topical Editor1998-2004
Li, L.Topical Editor2010-2013
Lindsay, Delwin T.Topical Editor2009-2015
Lowen, E. G.Topical Editor1986-1989
Lynch, D. K.Topical Editor1985-1989
Makous, W.Topical Editor1984-1986
Marks, R. J.Topical Editor1991
Martinez-Herrero, RosarioTopical Editor2014-
Melloni, A.Topical Editor2010-2013
Mendlovic, D.Topical Editor2001-2007
Moharam, J.Topical Editor1998-2004
Nascimento, SérgioTopical Editor2016-
Nieto-Vesperinas, M.Topical Editor1992-1997
Niklasson, G.Topical Editor2008-2013
Oughstun, K.E.Topical Editor1986-1991
Pokorny, J.Topical Editor1992-1997
Rawson, E. G.Topical Editor1985-1987, 1988
Rhodes, W. T.Topical Editor1984-1987, 1988
Richards, W. A.Topical Editor1988-1991
Richards, W. T.Topical Editor1988
Roggemann, M. C.Topical Editor1996-2001
Rushforth, C. K.Topical Editor1993-1994
Saleh, B. E. A.Topical Editor1984-1988JOSA
Schubert, MathiasTopical Editor2005-2008, 2014-2015
Schulz, T. J.Topical Editor2006-2009
Sentenac, AnneAssociate Editor2016-
Snyder, D. L.Topical Editor2001-2003
Southwell, W. H.Topical Editor1993-1996
Stark, H.Topical Editor1987-1992
Stavroudis, Orestes N.Topical Editor1986-1987, 1988JOSA
Thibos, L. N.Topical Editor1993-2001
Thomas, J. P.Topical Editor1987-1992
Thompson, K. P.Topical Editor2003-2010
Thurman, S.Topical Editor2015
Turunen, J. P.Topical Editor2004-2010
Visser, Taco D.Topical Editor2012-2014
Walkup, J. F.Topical Editor1992-1994
Walther, AdriaanTopical Editor1988-1991JOSA
Webster, M. A.Topical Editor2003-2009
Wolf, K. B.Topical Editor1997-2003
Wyant, James C.Topical Editor1984-1986JOSA
Yamaguchi, MasahiroTopical Editor2013-
Yevick, D. O.Topical Editor1998-2004
Journal of the Optical Society B
NameTitleTerm of ServiceSee Also
Agarwal, G. S.Topical Editor1993-2000JOSA A
Ahn, JaewookTopical Editor2014-2015
Andrews, DavidDeputy Editor2015-
Aspnes, David E.Topical Editor1989-1992JOSA/JOSA A
Assanto, G.Topical Editor2002-2008
Averitt, RichardTopical Editor2011-2015
Bass, M.Topical Editor1984-1988
Beige, AlmutTopical Editor2012-2015
Bergeson, S.Topical Editor2001-2004
Boardman, A.Topical Editor2004-2010
Bondani, MariaTopical Editor2011-2015
Boyd, R. W.Topical Editor1986-1989
Busch, KurtTopical Editor2010-2015
Carmichael, H. J.Topical Editor1997-2001
Choy, Chik-Ho (Wallace)Topical Editor2015
Christodoulides, D.Topical Editor2001-2002
Clark, C. W.Topical Editor1986-1992
Cundiff, S. T.Topical Editor2004-2010
Desyatnikov, Anton S.Topical Editor2014-2015
Ding, Y. J.Topical Editor2001-2005
Downer, M.Topical Editor2000-2003
Du, ShengwangTopical Editor2013-2015
Eberly, J.H.Topical Editor1984, 1985-1989
Elsaesser, T.Topical Editor1995-2001
Federman, S.Topical Editor2005-2010
Freeman, R. R.Topical Editor1984-1987
Fujimoto, J. G.Topical Editor1988-1994
Gallagher, T. F.Topical Editor1993-1996
Gbur, GregTopical Editor2014-2015JOSA A
Grischkowsky, D.Topical Editor1985-1987
Hagan, D. J.Topical Editor2006, 2008-2011
Heinz, T. F.Topical Editor1987, 1988-1993
Horowitz, MosheTopical Editor2009-2013
James, DanielTopical Editor2016-JOSA A
Kafka, J. DTopical Editor1994-1995
Kaindl, RobertTopical Editor2010-2015
Kennedy, B.Topical Editor2001-2006
Klein, M. B.Topical Editor1989-1994
Krolikowski, Wieslaw Z.Features Editor2016-
Kudlinski, AlexandreTopical Editor2015
Kuhl, J.Topical Editor2001-2005
Kuroda, KazuoTopical Editor2012-2014
Kuzyk, M.Topical Editor1997-2001
Liao, P. F.Topical Editor1984-1986
Litchinitser, NataliaTopical Editor2011-2014
Littman, M. G.Topical Editor1984-1986
Loy, M. M.Topical Editor1994-2000
Lucatorto, T.Topical Editor1993-2000
Luther-Davies, B.Topical Editor2005-2011
Marciante, J. R.Topical Editor2001-2007
Mateos, XavierTopical Editor2016-
McIlrath, T. J.Topical Editor1987-1993
McKellar, A. R. W.Topical Editor1984-1986
Merkle, Larry D.Topical Editor2013-2015
Miller, T. A.Topical Editor1989-1994
Milonni, P. W.Topical Editor1985, 1990-1992
Moncorge, RichardTopical Editor2007-2013
Mooradian, AramTopical Editor1984-1986JOSA
Morigi, G.Topical Editor2005-2011
Murray, J. R.Topical Editor1984-1992
Orr, B.Topical Editor2000-2008
Pasiskevigius, ValdasTopical Editor2010-2015
Perry, J. W.Topical Editor2007-2010
Pollnau, M. Topical Editor2007-2010
Poon, JoyceFeatures Editor2011-2013
Rand, S. C.Topical Editor1993-1998
Raymer, M. G.Topical Editor1989-1995
Ricard, D.Topical Editor1994-1997
Sansonetti, C. J.Topical Editor1992-2000
Shalaev, V.Topical Editor2005-2011
Shank, C. V. Topical Editor1984
Sheik-Bahae, MansoorTopical Editor2010-2013
Shi, WeiTopical Editor2016-
Shore, B.Topical Editor1993-1997
Silberberg, Y.Topical Editor1997-2000
Singer, K.Topical Editor2001-2006
Smolyaninov, IgorTopical Editor2011-2015
Steel, D. G.Topical Editor1986-1992
Stegeman, G. I.Topical Editor1992-1996
Stenholm, S. T.Topical Editor1986-1992
Stephanov, S.Topical Editor2002-2008
Stolen, R. H.Topical Editor1986-1992
Sutherland, RichardTopical Editor2013-2015
Taylor, A. J.Topical Editor1998-2004
Tomita, YasuoTopical Editor2015
Turitsyn, SergiTopical Editor2013-2015
Twieg, R. J.Topical Editor1992-1997
U'Ren, AlfredTopical Editor2016-
Vahala, K. J.Topical Editor1993-1996
van Driel, H.Topical Editor1994-2000
Wadsworth, WilliamTopical Editor2008-2015
Walmsley, I. A.Topical Editor1999-2005
Weber, W. H.Topical Editor1984-1987
Wegener, M.Topical Editor2005-2011
Weinacht, ThomasTopical Editor2011-2014
Wise, F. W.Topical Editor2000-2006
Xiao, MinTopical Editor2012-2014
Zel'Dovich, B. Ya.Topical Editor1995-1996
Zhang, X. -C.Topical Editor2005-2011
Zhu, ShiningTopical Editor2012-2015