26 April 2010, Volume 18, Issue 9, pp. 8735-9738; Energy Express pp: A1–A117  
120 articles


Synergy of adaptive thresholds and multiple transmitters in free-space optical communication

Opt. Express 18(9), 8948-8962 (2010)  View: HTML | PDF

Estimation of water vapor content in near-infrared bands around 1 μm from MODIS data by using RM–NN

Opt. Express 18(9), 9542-9554 (2010)  View: HTML | PDF

Momentum space analysis of multiphoton double ionization of helium by intense attosecond xuv pulses

Opt. Express 18(9), 8976-8989 (2010)  View: HTML | PDF

Alignment structures of rotational wavepacket created by two strong femtosecond laser pulses

Opt. Express 18(9), 8990-8997 (2010)  View: HTML | PDF

Internuclear-distance dependence of electron correlation in nonsequential double ionization of H2

Opt. Express 18(9), 9064-9070 (2010)  View: HTML | PDF

Continuous control of the coupling constant in an atom-cavity system by using elliptic polarization and magnetic sublevels

Opt. Express 18(9), 9286-9302 (2010)  View: HTML | PDF

Staggered-grid PSTD on local Fourier basis and its applications to surface tissue modeling

Opt. Express 18(9), 9236-9250 (2010)  View: HTML | PDF

Infrared laser induced lateral photovoltaic effect observed in Cu2O nanoscale film

Opt. Express 18(9), 9113-9118 (2010)  View: HTML | PDF

Planar long-period grating filter based on long-range surface plasmon mode of buried metal stripe waveguide

Opt. Express 18(9), 8963-8968 (2010)  View: HTML | PDF

All-reflective coupling of two optical cavities with 3-port diffraction gratings

Opt. Express 18(9), 9119-9132 (2010)  View: HTML | PDF

Grating dynamics in a photorefractive polymer with Alq3 electron traps

Opt. Express 18(9), 9358-9365 (2010)  View: HTML | PDF

Observation of enhanced transmission for s-polarized light through a subwavelength slit

Opt. Express 18(9), 9722-9727 (2010)  View: HTML | PDF

Higher order guided mode propagation in solid-core photonic bandgap fibers

Opt. Express 18(9), 8906-8915 (2010)  View: HTML | PDF

A suspended core nanofiber with unprecedented large diameter ratio of holey region to core

Opt. Express 18(9), 9088-9097 (2010)  View: HTML | PDF

Casting method for producing low-loss chalcogenide microstructured optical fibers

Opt. Express 18(9), 9107-9112 (2010)  View: HTML | PDF

Simple all-optical FFT scheme enabling Tbit/s real-time signal processing

Opt. Express 18(9), 9324-9340 (2010)  View: HTML | PDF

Multi-channel in-band OSNR monitoring using Stimulated Brillouin Scattering

Opt. Express 18(9), 9435-9446 (2010)  View: HTML | PDF

Stochastic BER estimation for coherent QPSK transmission systems with digital carrier phase recovery

Opt. Express 18(9), 9592-9599 (2010)  View: HTML | PDF

Study of cross-phase modulation and free-carrier dispersion in silicon photonic wires for Mamyshev signal regenerators

Opt. Express 18(9), 9613-9621 (2010)  View: HTML | PDF

Generalized refractive tunable-focus lens and its imaging characteristics

Opt. Express 18(9), 9034-9047 (2010)  View: HTML | PDF

Design of compact and smooth free-form optical system with uniform illuminance for LED source

Opt. Express 18(9), 9055-9063 (2010)  View: HTML | PDF

Generation and control of the spiraling zero-order Bessel beam

Opt. Express 18(9), 8767-8771 (2010)  View: HTML | PDF

Synthesis and display of dynamic holographic 3D scenes with real-world objects

Opt. Express 18(9), 8806-8815 (2010)  View: HTML | PDF  [Suppl. Mat. (8)]

Image quality improvement of parallel four-step phase-shifting digital holography by using the algorithm of parallel two-step phase-shifting digital holography

Opt. Express 18(9), 9555-9560 (2010)  View: HTML | PDF

Multi-angle lensless digital holography for depth resolved imaging on a chip

Opt. Express 18(9), 9690-9711 (2010)  View: HTML | PDF

Multi-projection of lenticular displays to construct a 256-view super multi-view display

Opt. Express 18(9), 8824-8835 (2010)  View: HTML | PDF  [Suppl. Mat. (2)]

Multispectral photoacoustic coded excitation imaging using unipolar orthogonal Golay codes

Opt. Express 18(9), 9076-9087 (2010)  View: HTML | PDF

Scatterer size-based analysis of optical coherence tomography images using spectral estimation techniques

Opt. Express 18(9), 9181-9191 (2010)  View: HTML | PDF

Resolving range ambiguity in a photon counting depth imager operating at kilometer distances

Opt. Express 18(9), 9192-9206 (2010)  View: HTML | PDF

Fidelity optimization for aberration-tolerant hybrid imaging systems

Opt. Express 18(9), 9220-9228 (2010)  View: HTML | PDF

Generic real-time uniform K-space sampling method for high-speed swept-Source optical coherence tomography

Opt. Express 18(9), 9511-9517 (2010)  View: HTML | PDF

Superfast phase-shifting method for 3-D shape measurement

Opt. Express 18(9), 9684-9689 (2010)  View: HTML | PDF  [Suppl. Mat. (2)]

Cell parameter measurement of a twisted nematic liquid crystal device using interferometric polarimeter under normal incidence

Opt. Express 18(9), 8759-8766 (2010)  View: HTML | PDF

A “virtual-interferometer” technique for surface metrology

Opt. Express 18(9), 8772-8780 (2010)  View: HTML | PDF

The oriented spatial filter masks for electronic speckle pattern interferometry phase patterns

Opt. Express 18(9), 8942-8947 (2010)  View: HTML | PDF

Experimental demonstration of impedance match locking and control for coupled resonators

Opt. Express 18(9), 9314-9323 (2010)  View: HTML | PDF

Performance of astronomical beam combiner prototypes fabricated by hybrid sol-gel technology

Opt. Express 18(9), 9413-9422 (2010)  View: HTML | PDF

Measurement of refractive index and thickness of transparent plate by dual-wavelength interference

Opt. Express 18(9), 9429-9434 (2010)  View: HTML | PDF

An all-silicon, single-mode Bragg cladding rib waveguide

Opt. Express 18(9), 8816-8823 (2010)  View: HTML | PDF

Low-crosstalk 2 × 2 thermo-optic switch with silicon wire waveguides

Opt. Express 18(9), 9071-9075 (2010)  View: HTML | PDF

Tuning of resonance-spacing in a traveling-wave resonator device

Opt. Express 18(9), 9447-9455 (2010)  View: HTML | PDF

Nanobeam photonic crystal cavity quantum dot laser

Opt. Express 18(9), 8781-8789 (2010)  View: HTML | PDF

Subwavelength metal-optic semiconductor nanopatch lasers

Opt. Express 18(9), 8790-8799 (2010)  View: HTML | PDF

Compact all-fiber high-energy fiber laser with sub-300-fs duration

Opt. Express 18(9), 8847-8852 (2010)  View: HTML | PDF

Microstructured KY(WO4)2:Gd3+, Lu3+, Yb3+ channel waveguide laser

Opt. Express 18(9), 8853-8858 (2010)  View: HTML | PDF

Broadband external cavity tunable quantum dot lasers with low injection current density

Opt. Express 18(9), 8916-8922 (2010)  View: HTML | PDF

Spectrum narrowing of high power Tm: fiber laser using a volume Bragg grating

Opt. Express 18(9), 8937-8941 (2010)  View: HTML | PDF

Passively Q-switched photonic crystal fiber laser and intracavity optical parametric oscillator

Opt. Express 18(9), 8969-8975 (2010)  View: HTML | PDF

1319 nm and 1338 nm dual-wavelength operation of LD end-pumped Nd:YAG ceramic laser

Opt. Express 18(9), 9098-9106 (2010)  View: HTML | PDF

A high-resolution, adaptive beam-shaping system for high-power lasers

Opt. Express 18(9), 9151-9163 (2010)  View: HTML | PDF

Phase-locking of two self-seeded tapered amplifier lasers

Opt. Express 18(9), 9258-9265 (2010)  View: HTML | PDF

Optofluidic dye laser in a foil

Opt. Express 18(9), 9280-9285 (2010)  View: HTML | PDF

Application of a passively mode-locked quantum-dot Fabry-Perot laser in 40 Gb/s all-optical 3R regeneration

Opt. Express 18(9), 9378-9383 (2010)  View: HTML | PDF

Nonlinear dynamics induced by parallel and orthogonal optical injection in 1550 nm Vertical-Cavity Surface-Emitting Lasers (VCSELs)

Opt. Express 18(9), 9423-9428 (2010)  View: HTML | PDF

50 fs soliton compression of optical clock pulse recovered from NRZ data injected SOAFL

Opt. Express 18(9), 9525-9530 (2010)  View: HTML | PDF

High-order rational harmonic mode-locking and pulse-amplitude equalization of SOAFL via reshaped gain-switching FPLD pulse injection

Opt. Express 18(9), 9570-9579 (2010)  View: HTML | PDF

Influence of UV illumination on the cold temperature operation of a LiNbO3 Q-switched Nd:YAG laser

Opt. Express 18(9), 9622-9627 (2010)  View: HTML | PDF

Array size scalability of passively coherently phased fiber laser arrays

Opt. Express 18(9), 9634-9642 (2010)  View: HTML | PDF

Demonstration of ultra-wideband (UWB) over fiber based on optical pulse-injected semiconductor laser

Opt. Express 18(9), 9664-9670 (2010)  View: HTML | PDF

A 113 fs fiber laser operating at 1.56 μm using a cascadable film-type saturable absorber with P3HT-incorporated single-wall carbon nanotubes coated on polyamide

Opt. Express 18(9), 9712-9721 (2010)  View: HTML | PDF

Cathodo- and photoluminescence in Yb3+-Er3+ co-doped PbF2 nanoparticles

Opt. Express 18(9), 8836-8846 (2010)  View: HTML | PDF

Enhanced thermal stability of silica-coated gold nanorods for photoacoustic imaging and image-guided therapy

Opt. Express 18(9), 8867-8878 (2010)  View: HTML | PDF

3D refraction correction and extraction of clinical parameters from spectral domain optical coherence tomography of the cornea

Opt. Express 18(9), 8923-8936 (2010)  View: HTML | PDF

Light diffusion in a turbid cylinder. II. Layered case

Opt. Express 18(9), 9266-9279 (2010)  View: HTML | PDF

Light diffusion in a turbid cylinder. I. Homogeneous case

Opt. Express 18(9), 9456-9473 (2010)  View: HTML | PDF

Comparative study between conventional and diffusion-bonded Nd-doped vanadate crystals in the passively mode-locked operation

Opt. Express 18(9), 9518-9524 (2010)  View: HTML | PDF

Spotlight on Optics

Temperature control of Fano resonances and transmission in superconducting metamaterials

Opt. Express 18(9), 9015-9019 (2010)  View: HTML | PDF

Time-resolved analysis of cavitation induced by CW lasers in absorbing liquids

Opt. Express 18(9), 8735-8742 (2010)  View: HTML | PDF

Vortex solitons in lasers with feedback

Opt. Express 18(9), 8859-8866 (2010)  View: HTML | PDF  [Suppl. Mat. (5)]

Control of the collapse of bimodal light beams by magnetically tunable birefringences

Opt. Express 18(9), 8879-8895 (2010)  View: HTML | PDF

Optical nonlinearities in hydrogenated- amorphous silicon waveguides

Opt. Express 18(9), 8998-9005 (2010)  View: HTML | PDF

Nonlinear photoacoustics for measuring the nonlinear optical absorption coefficient

Opt. Express 18(9), 9020-9025 (2010)  View: HTML | PDF

Collinear generation of ultrashort UV and XUV pulses

Opt. Express 18(9), 9173-9180 (2010)  View: HTML | PDF

Improved beam quality from a high energy optical parametric oscillator using crystals with orthogonal critical planes

Opt. Express 18(9), 9229-9235 (2010)  View: HTML | PDF

Nonlinear spectra of ZnO: reverse saturable, two- and three-photon absorption

Opt. Express 18(9), 9628-9633 (2010)  View: HTML | PDF

Generation of terahertz radiation from ionizing two-color laser pulses in Ar filled metallic hollow waveguides

Opt. Express 18(9), 9658-9663 (2010)  View: HTML | PDF

Precise optical modeling of blue light-emitting diodes by Monte Carlo ray-tracing

Opt. Express 18(9), 9398-9412 (2010)  View: HTML | PDF

Gain analysis of optically-pumped Si nanocrystal waveguide amplifiers on silicon substrate

Opt. Express 18(9), 9213-9219 (2010)  View: HTML | PDF

Waveguide coupled photodiode using reflector and metal coplanar waveguide for optical triplexing applications

Opt. Express 18(9), 9303-9313 (2010)  View: HTML | PDF

Photoerasable and photorewritable spatially-tunable laser based on a dye-doped cholesteric liquid crystal with a photoisomerizable chiral dopant

Opt. Express 18(9), 9496-9503 (2010)  View: HTML | PDF

Optically switchable, rapidly relaxing cholesteric liquid crystal reflectors

Opt. Express 18(9), 9651-9657 (2010)  View: HTML | PDF  [Suppl. Mat. (1)]

Enhanced light extraction of nonpolar a-plane (11-20) GaN light emitting diodes on sapphire substrates by photo-enhanced chemical wet etching

Opt. Express 18(9), 9728-9732 (2010)  View: HTML | PDF

Out of plane mode conversion and manipulation of Surface Plasmon Polariton Waves

Opt. Express 18(9), 8800-8805 (2010)  View: HTML | PDF

Analysis of the optical properties of wire antennas with displaced terminals

Opt. Express 18(9), 9504-9510 (2010)  View: HTML | PDF

Superfocusing terahertz waves below λ/250 using plasmonic parallel-plate waveguides

Opt. Express 18(9), 9643-9650 (2010)  View: HTML | PDF

Enhanced spontaneous light emission by multiple surface plasmon coupling

Opt. Express 18(9), 9677-9683 (2010)  View: HTML | PDF

Optimization of enhanced absorption in 3D-woodpile metallic photonic crystals

Opt. Express 18(9), 9048-9054 (2010)  View: HTML | PDF

Simultaneous two-dimensional phononic and photonic band gaps in opto-mechanical crystal slabs

Opt. Express 18(9), 9164-9172 (2010)  View: HTML | PDF

Blue-shifted contra-directional coupling between a periodic and conventional dielectric waveguides

Opt. Express 18(9), 9341-9350 (2010)  View: HTML | PDF

More studies on Metamaterials Mimicking de Sitter space

Opt. Express 18(9), 9026-9033 (2010)  View: HTML | PDF

Calculating the fine structure of a Fabry-Perot resonator using spheroidal wave functions

Opt. Express 18(9), 9580-9591 (2010)  View: HTML | PDF

A Michelson controlled-not gate with a single-lens astigmatic mode converter

Opt. Express 18(9), 9207-9212 (2010)  View: HTML | PDF

Low-bias high-speed quantum random number generator via shaped optical pulses

Opt. Express 18(9), 9351-9357 (2010)  View: HTML | PDF

Quantum key distribution on a 10Gb/s WDM-PON

Opt. Express 18(9), 9600-9612 (2010)  View: HTML | PDF

Spatial filtering technique to image and measure two-dimensional near-forward scattering from single particles

Opt. Express 18(9), 9486-9495 (2010)  View: HTML | PDF  [Suppl. Mat. (1)]

Miniature all-silica optical fiber pressure sensor with an ultrathin uniform diaphragm

Opt. Express 18(9), 9006-9014 (2010)  View: HTML | PDF

Fluorescence-based sensing with optical nanowires: a generalized model and experimental validation

Opt. Express 18(9), 9474-9485 (2010)  View: HTML | PDF

Long-range hybrid network with point and distributed Brillouin sensors using Raman amplification

Opt. Express 18(9), 9531-9541 (2010)  View: HTML | PDF

A multi-functional plasmonic biosensor

Opt. Express 18(9), 9561-9569 (2010)  View: HTML | PDF

Efficient broadband near-infrared quantum cutting for solar cells

Opt. Express 18(9), 9671-9676 (2010)  View: HTML | PDF

Study of optical anisotropies in benzocyclobutene thin films for the efficient design of optical waveguide devices

Opt. Express 18(9), 8896-8905 (2010)  View: HTML | PDF

Impulsive terahertz radiation with high electric fields from an amplifier-driven large-area photoconductive antenna

Opt. Express 18(9), 9251-9257 (2010)  View: HTML | PDF

Analysis of time-multiplexed optical line-by-line pulse shaping: application for radio-frequency and microwave photonics

Opt. Express 18(9), 9366-9377 (2010)  View: HTML | PDF

The PDMS-based microfluidic channel fabricated by synchrotron radiation stimulated etching

Opt. Express 18(9), 9733-9738 (2010)  View: HTML | PDF

Optics in Energy: the power of optical solutions

Opt. Express 18(S1), A1-A2 (2010)  View: HTML | PDF

Focus Issue: Solar Concentrators

Opt. Express 18(S1), A3-A4 (2010)  View: HTML | PDF

Thermodynamic efficiency of solar concentrators

Opt. Express 18(S1), A5-A16 (2010)  View: HTML | PDF

Solar concentrator modules with silicone-on-glass Fresnel lens panels and multijunction cells

Opt. Express 18(S1), A17-A24 (2010)  View: HTML | PDF

High performance Fresnel-based photovoltaic concentrator

Opt. Express 18(S1), A25-A40 (2010)  View: HTML | PDF

Aplanatic optics for solar concentration

Opt. Express 18(S1), A41-A52 (2010)  View: HTML | PDF

30 kW Concentrator Photovoltaic System Using Dome-shaped Fresnel Lenses

Opt. Express 18(S1), A53-A63 (2010)  View: HTML | PDF

Pushing concentration of stationary solar concentrators to the limit

Opt. Express 18(S1), A64-A72 (2010)  View: HTML | PDF

Multijunction solar cells for conversion of concentrated sunlight to electricity

Opt. Express 18(S1), A73-A78 (2010)  View: HTML | PDF

Dye alignment in luminescent solar concentrators: I. Vertical alignment for improved waveguide coupling

Opt. Express 18(S1), A79-A90 (2010)  View: HTML | PDF

Dye alignment in luminescent solar concentrators: II. Horizontal alignment for energy harvesting in linear polarizers

Opt. Express 18(S1), A91-A99 (2010)  View: HTML | PDF

Thermochemical Production of Fuels with Concentrated Solar Energy

Opt. Express 18(S1), A100-A111 (2010)  View: HTML | PDF