20 December 2021, Volume 29, Issue 26, pp. 42331-44321  
158 articles


Curved hologram generation method for speckle noise suppression based on the stochastic gradient descent algorithm

Opt. Express 29(26), 42650-42662 (2021)  View: HTML | PDF

3D displays in augmented and virtual realities with holographic optical elements [Invited]

Opt. Express 29(26), 42696-42712 (2021)  View: HTML | PDF

Compressive imaging for thwarting adversarial attacks on 3D point cloud classifiers

Opt. Express 29(26), 42726-42737 (2021)  View: HTML | PDF

Realizing mutual occlusion in a wide field-of-view for optical see-through augmented reality displays based on a paired-ellipsoidal-mirror structure

Opt. Express 29(26), 42751-42761 (2021)  View: HTML | PDF  [Suppl. Mat. (3)]

Micro-Doppler effect based vibrating object imaging of coherent detection GISC lidar

Opt. Express 29(26), 43022-43031 (2021)  View: HTML | PDF

Kerr-lens mode-locked Yb:SrLaAlO4 laser

Opt. Express 29(26), 42837-42843 (2021)  View: HTML | PDF

Theoretical and experimental researches on the walk-off compensation of an intracavity doubling red laser using a twin-BIBO-crystal

Opt. Express 29(26), 43687-43699 (2021)  View: HTML | PDF

Passive 3D location estimation of non-line-of-sight objects from a scattered thermal infrared light field

Opt. Express 29(26), 43642-43661 (2021)  View: HTML | PDF

Single-shot pixel super-resolution phase imaging by wavefront separation approach

Opt. Express 29(26), 43662-43678 (2021)  View: HTML | PDF  [Suppl. Mat. (2)]

Phase imaging microscopy under the Gabor regime in a minimally modified regular bright-field microscope

Opt. Express 29(26), 42738-42750 (2021)  View: HTML | PDF  [Suppl. Mat. (8)]

Generalized forgery attack to optical encryption systems

Opt. Express 29(26), 43580-43597 (2021)  View: HTML | PDF

High dynamic range 3D laser scanning with the single-shot raw image of a color camera

Opt. Express 29(26), 43626-43641 (2021)  View: HTML | PDF

Pump-efficient flattop O+E-bands bismuth-doped fiber amplifier with 116 nm –3 dB gain bandwidth

Opt. Express 29(26), 44138-44145 (2021)  View: HTML | PDF

Joint estimation of dynamic polarization and carrier phase with pilot-based adaptive equalizer in PDM-64 QAM transmission system

Opt. Express 29(26), 43136-43147 (2021)  View: HTML | PDF

Field trial of 24-Tb/s (60 × 400Gb/s) DWDM transmission over a 1910-km G.654.E fiber link with 6-THz-bandwidth C-band EDFAs

Opt. Express 29(26), 43811-43818 (2021)  View: HTML | PDF

Afterpulse correction for micro-pulse lidar to improve middle and upper tropospheric aerosol measurements

Opt. Express 29(26), 43502-43515 (2021)  View: HTML | PDF

Estimating the astronomical seeing above Dome A using Polar WRF based on the Tatarskii equation

Opt. Express 29(26), 44000-44011 (2021)  View: HTML | PDF

Six-primary-laser projection display system: demonstration and stereo color gamut measurement

Opt. Express 29(26), 43885-43898 (2021)  View: HTML | PDF

Rabi-flopping signatures in below-threshold harmonic generation from the stretched H2 and N2 molecules in intense laser fields

Opt. Express 29(26), 43212-43225 (2021)  View: HTML | PDF

Characterization of isotropic laser cooling for application in quantum sensing

Opt. Express 29(26), 43435-43444 (2021)  View: HTML | PDF

Micro-fabricated vapor cells with sealed Rb atoms by distillation at wafer level and two-step bonding for miniature atomic clocks

Opt. Express 29(26), 44316-44321 (2021)  View: HTML | PDF

Reconstructing images of two adjacent objects passing through scattering medium via deep learning

Opt. Express 29(26), 43280-43291 (2021)  View: HTML | PDF

Reflectance statistics from a thin weakly disordered optical media: application to detection of structural alterations in cells/tissues

Opt. Express 29(26), 43612-43625 (2021)  View: HTML | PDF

Near speckle-free imaging setup for scattering studies of mirror coatings

Opt. Express 29(26), 44012-44023 (2021)  View: HTML | PDF

Untrained neural network for cryptanalysis of a phase-truncated-Fourier-transform-based optical cryptosystem

Opt. Express 29(26), 42642-42649 (2021)  View: HTML | PDF

Tunable reservoir computing based on iterative function systems

Opt. Express 29(26), 43164-43173 (2021)  View: HTML | PDF

Ownership protection for light-field 3D images: HDCT watermarking

Opt. Express 29(26), 43256-43269 (2021)  View: HTML | PDF  [Suppl. Mat. (4)]

Parallel data acquisition and reconstruction method of near-field ptychography for large samples

Opt. Express 29(26), 43342-43352 (2021)  View: HTML | PDF

Known-plaintext cryptanalysis for a computational-ghost-imaging cryptosystem via the Pix2Pix generative adversarial network

Opt. Express 29(26), 43860-43874 (2021)  View: HTML | PDF

Turbulence-immune computational ghost imaging based on a multi-scale generative adversarial network

Opt. Express 29(26), 43929-43937 (2021)  View: HTML | PDF

SCIFI: 3D face reconstruction via smartphone screen lighting

Opt. Express 29(26), 43938-43952 (2021)  View: HTML | PDF

Single-shot phase reconstruction based on beam splitting encoding and averaging

Opt. Express 29(26), 43985-43999 (2021)  View: HTML | PDF

Partially coherent beam smoothing using a microlens array

Opt. Express 29(26), 44045-44062 (2021)  View: HTML | PDF

Random phase retrieval approach based on difference map using VU factorization

Opt. Express 29(26), 44204-44213 (2021)  View: HTML | PDF  [Suppl. Mat. (1)]

Probability property of orbital angular momentum distortion in turbulence

Opt. Express 29(26), 44157-44173 (2021)  View: HTML | PDF

Scalar vortex beam produced through faithful reconstruction of polarization holography

Opt. Express 29(26), 43193-43202 (2021)  View: HTML | PDF

Three-dimensional hologram calculations using blocked radial and windmill point spread functions

Opt. Express 29(26), 44283-44298 (2021)  View: HTML | PDF  [Suppl. Mat. (4)]

Confined hyperbolic metasurface modes for structured illumination microscopy

Opt. Express 29(26), 42331-42342 (2021)  View: HTML | PDF

Fast tracking and imaging of a moving object with single-pixel imaging

Opt. Express 29(26), 42589-42598 (2021)  View: HTML | PDF  [Suppl. Mat. (1)]

Computational ghost imaging based on array sampling

Opt. Express 29(26), 42772-42786 (2021)  View: HTML | PDF

Spiral scanning fiber-optic two-photon endomicroscopy with a double-cladding antiresonant fiber

Opt. Express 29(26), 43124-43135 (2021)  View: HTML | PDF

Highly efficient single-pixel imaging system based on the STEAM structure

Opt. Express 29(26), 43203-43211 (2021)  View: HTML | PDF

Speckle-free laser projection structured illumination microscopy based on a digital micromirror device

Opt. Express 29(26), 43917-43928 (2021)  View: HTML | PDF

Blurring kernel extraction and super-resolution image reconstruction based on style generative adersarial networks

Opt. Express 29(26), 44024-44044 (2021)  View: HTML | PDF

Single-shot ranging and velocimetry with a CW lidar far beyond the coherence length of the CW laser

Opt. Express 29(26), 42343-42354 (2021)  View: HTML | PDF  [Suppl. Mat. (1)]

Microstructured optical fiber filled with glycerin for temperature measurement based on dispersive wave and soliton

Opt. Express 29(26), 42355-42368 (2021)  View: HTML | PDF

Algorithm of Doppler error suppression in frequency-swept interferometry for the dynamic axial clearance measurement of high-speed rotating machinery

Opt. Express 29(26), 42471-42484 (2021)  View: HTML | PDF

Hyperfine optical vector analysis of ultra- narrowband optical bandpass filters based on coherent two-tone sweeping and fixed low-frequency detection

Opt. Express 29(26), 42663-42673 (2021)  View: HTML | PDF

In-situ adjustable fiber-optic piezometer based on parallelly structured external Fabry-Perot interferometers with Vernier effect and its harmonics

Opt. Express 29(26), 42800-42812 (2021)  View: HTML | PDF

Detection and Localization of Stationary Weights Hanging on Aerial Telecommunication Field Fibers using Distributed Acoustic Sensing

Opt. Express 29(26), 42855-42862 (2021)  View: HTML | PDF

Information advantage from polarization-multiplexed readout of nanophotonic scattering overlay sensors

Opt. Express 29(26), 42900-42910 (2021)  View: HTML | PDF

Simultaneous detection of K, KOH, and KCl in flames and released from biomass using photofragmentation TDLAS

Opt. Express 29(26), 42945-42961 (2021)  View: HTML | PDF

Large-curvature specular surface phase measuring deflectometry with a curved screen

Opt. Express 29(26), 43327-43341 (2021)  View: HTML | PDF

Multicomponent trace gas detection with hollow-core fiber photothermal interferometry and time-division multiplexing

Opt. Express 29(26), 43445-43453 (2021)  View: HTML | PDF

Highly sensitive and stable fiber-laser pressure-sensing system based on an unequal-arm Mach-Zehnder cascaded with a Sagnac structure

Opt. Express 29(26), 43454-43463 (2021)  View: HTML | PDF

Vision ray metrology for freeform optics

Opt. Express 29(26), 43480-43501 (2021)  View: HTML | PDF  [Suppl. Mat. (1)]

Photonic generation of flexible ultra-wide linearly-chirped microwave waveforms

Opt. Express 29(26), 43731-43744 (2021)  View: HTML | PDF

One-shot three-dimensional imaging using a two-dimensional spectrometer with a fiber bundle

Opt. Express 29(26), 43778-43792 (2021)  View: HTML | PDF

Taper-in-taper fiber structure-based LSPR sensor for alanine aminotransferase detection

Opt. Express 29(26), 43793-43810 (2021)  View: HTML | PDF

Bio-inspired spectropolarimetric sensor based on tandem organic photodetectors and multi-twist liquid crystals

Opt. Express 29(26), 43953-43969 (2021)  View: HTML | PDF  [Suppl. Mat. (1)]

Two-stage digital differential atomic spin precession detection method

Opt. Express 29(26), 44093-44104 (2021)  View: HTML | PDF

Range limitations of optical frequency domain reflectometry with all-grating fiber for distributed strain and temperature sensing

Opt. Express 29(26), 44300-44315 (2021)  View: HTML | PDF

High-resolution microwave frequency measurement based on dynamic frequency-to-power mapping

Opt. Express 29(26), 42553-42568 (2021)  View: HTML | PDF

Purcell enhanced coupling of nanowire quantum emitters to silicon photonic waveguides

Opt. Express 29(26), 43068-43081 (2021)  View: HTML | PDF  [Suppl. Mat. (1)]

Integrated InP optical unitary converter with compact half-integer multimode interferometers

Opt. Express 29(26), 43414-43420 (2021)  View: HTML | PDF

Octave-spanning low-loss mid-IR waveguides based on semiconductor-loaded plasmonics

Opt. Express 29(26), 43567-43579 (2021)  View: HTML | PDF  [Suppl. Mat. (1)]

Resonant integrated optical gyroscope based on Si3N4 waveguide ring resonator

Opt. Express 29(26), 43875-43884 (2021)  View: HTML | PDF

Design of an X-cut thin-film lithium niobate waveguide as a passive polarization rotator

Opt. Express 29(26), 44174-44188 (2021)  View: HTML | PDF

Analysis of residual stress fields from fictive temperature distributions within heat-affected zones of fused silica

Opt. Express 29(26), 42511-42522 (2021)  View: HTML | PDF

Investigation of laser-induced bubble dynamics in water at high hydrostatic pressures

Opt. Express 29(26), 44105-44117 (2021)  View: HTML | PDF

Aberration-free large-area stitch-free 3D nano-printing based on binary holography

Opt. Express 29(26), 44250-44263 (2021)  View: HTML | PDF  [Suppl. Mat. (3)]

Collisional mixing and quenching cross sections of Cs 62P levels with methane, ethane, and propane

Opt. Express 29(26), 42887-42899 (2021)  View: HTML | PDF  [Suppl. Mat. (1)]

Generation of 85 fs mid-IR pulses with up to 2.4 W average power using an Er:ZBLAN fiber mode-locked oscillator and a nonlinear amplifier

Opt. Express 29(26), 42924-42931 (2021)  View: HTML | PDF

SESAM mode-locked Yb:SrLaAlO4 laser

Opt. Express 29(26), 43820-43826 (2021)  View: HTML | PDF

10-Hz, 636-ps, 1064-nm, all polarization-maintaining fiber front-end based on ultrafast optical fiber pulse chopping

Opt. Express 29(26), 43852-43859 (2021)  View: HTML | PDF

High-efficiency, continuous-wave Fe:ZnSe mid-IR laser end pumped by an Er:YAP laser

Opt. Express 29(26), 44118-44128 (2021)  View: HTML | PDF

Four-function metasurface based on a tri-band integrated meta-atom for full space control of circularly polarized waves

Opt. Express 29(26), 42569-42579 (2021)  View: HTML | PDF

Three-dimensional direct current invisibility cloak produced with bulk materials

Opt. Express 29(26), 42580-42588 (2021)  View: HTML | PDF  [Suppl. Mat. (1)]

Molecularization of meta-atoms for electromagnetically induced transparency resonance and quality-factor switching

Opt. Express 29(26), 42607-42620 (2021)  View: HTML | PDF

High-temperature broadband reflection reduction: design, fabrication, and characterization

Opt. Express 29(26), 42621-42629 (2021)  View: HTML | PDF

Phase-change metasurface for switchable vector vortex beam generation

Opt. Express 29(26), 42762-42771 (2021)  View: HTML | PDF

Broadband titanium nitride disordered metasurface absorbers

Opt. Express 29(26), 42813-42826 (2021)  View: HTML | PDF  [Suppl. Mat. (1)]

Topological states in the super-SSH model

Opt. Express 29(26), 42827-42836 (2021)  View: HTML | PDF

Optically transparent water-based wideband switchable radar absorber/reflector with low infrared radiation characteristics

Opt. Express 29(26), 42863-42875 (2021)  View: HTML | PDF

Ultrawideband fractal metamaterial absorber made of nickel operating in the UV to IR spectrum

Opt. Express 29(26), 42911-42923 (2021)  View: HTML | PDF

Refractive index sensing by asymmetric dielectric gratings with both bound states in the continuum and guided mode resonances

Opt. Express 29(26), 42978-42988 (2021)  View: HTML | PDF

Structured vanadium dioxide metamaterial for tunable broadband terahertz absorption

Opt. Express 29(26), 42989-42998 (2021)  View: HTML | PDF

Tunable electrochromic Au nanorod-based metalenses for visible light

Opt. Express 29(26), 43011-43021 (2021)  View: HTML | PDF  [Suppl. Mat. (1)]

A vertically-loaded diamond microdisk resonator spin-photon interface

Opt. Express 29(26), 43082-43090 (2021)  View: HTML | PDF

Multiplexed multi-focal and multi-dimensional SHE (spin Hall effect) metalens

Opt. Express 29(26), 43270-43279 (2021)  View: HTML | PDF

Geometric representation of adiabatic distributed-Bragg-reflectors and broadening the photonic bandgap

Opt. Express 29(26), 43303-43315 (2021)  View: HTML | PDF

Halogen-perovskite metasurfaces for trichromatic channel color holographic imaging

Opt. Express 29(26), 43316-43326 (2021)  View: HTML | PDF

Particle swarm optimization of polymer-embedded broadband metasurface reflectors

Opt. Express 29(26), 43421-43434 (2021)  View: HTML | PDF

FSS-embedded substrates: a facile method of augmenting functions of metasurfaces

Opt. Express 29(26), 43531-43543 (2021)  View: HTML | PDF

Simultaneous control of amplitude and phase via shifting isotropy to anisotropy for achieving holographic meta-mirror

Opt. Express 29(26), 43745-43756 (2021)  View: HTML | PDF

Orthogonal manipulations of phase and phase dispersion in realization of azimuthal angle-resolved focusings

Opt. Express 29(26), 43757-43765 (2021)  View: HTML | PDF

Generalized phase profile design method for tunable devices using bilayer metasurfaces

Opt. Express 29(26), 44214-44226 (2021)  View: HTML | PDF

Ge2Sb2Se4Te1-based multifunctional metalenses for polarization-independent, switchable and dual-mode focusing in the mid-infrared region

Opt. Express 29(26), 44227-44238 (2021)  View: HTML | PDF

Switching dynamics of dissipative cnoidal waves in dual-coupled microresonators

Opt. Express 29(26), 42369-42383 (2021)  View: HTML | PDF

High-power, high-efficiency, all-fiberized-laser-pumped, 260-nm, deep-UV laser for bacterial deactivation

Opt. Express 29(26), 42485-42494 (2021)  View: HTML | PDF  [Suppl. Mat. (1)]

Characteristics of spectral peaking in optical fibers

Opt. Express 29(26), 42876-42886 (2021)  View: HTML | PDF

Turnkey generation of Kerr soliton microcombs on thin-film lithium niobate on insulator microresonators powered by the photorefractive effect

Opt. Express 29(26), 42932-42944 (2021)  View: HTML | PDF

Potential of spaceborne Brillouin scattering lidar for global ocean optical profiling

Opt. Express 29(26), 43049-43067 (2021)  View: HTML | PDF

Analysis of quasi-phase-matched optical parametric amplification in hollow-core fibers using analytical static electric field solutions

Opt. Express 29(26), 43544-43555 (2021)  View: HTML | PDF

Cluster-based routing and wavelength assignment for multiple multicasts in 3D Optical Network-on-Chip

Opt. Express 29(26), 42394-42410 (2021)  View: HTML | PDF

WDM-PON Management and Control by Auxiliary Management and Control Channel for 5G Mobile Fronthaul

Opt. Express 29(26), 42457-42470 (2021)  View: HTML | PDF

GAWBS noise correlation between cores in multi-core fibers

Opt. Express 29(26), 42523-42537 (2021)  View: HTML | PDF

Optimization of intensity-modulation/direct-detection optical key distribution under passive eavesdropping

Opt. Express 29(26), 43091-43103 (2021)  View: HTML | PDF

Passive indoor visible light-based fall detection using neural networks

Opt. Express 29(26), 43389-43402 (2021)  View: HTML | PDF

Optimal modes for spatially multiplexed free-space communication in atmospheric turbulence

Opt. Express 29(26), 43556-43566 (2021)  View: HTML | PDF

Location-aware spectrum sensing for cognitive visible light communications over multipath channels

Opt. Express 29(26), 43700-43719 (2021)  View: HTML | PDF

Sub-sampling generation of ultra-high baud rate PAM/QAM signals via high-order partial response narrowing

Opt. Express 29(26), 44063-44079 (2021)  View: HTML | PDF

Improved multiplier-free Mueller-Müller Baud-rate timing error detector for optical IM/DD system

Opt. Express 29(26), 44129-44137 (2021)  View: HTML | PDF

Freeform and precise irradiance tailoring in arbitrarily oriented planes

Opt. Express 29(26), 42844-42854 (2021)  View: HTML | PDF

Design and fabrication of a high-performance binary blazed grating coupler for perfectly perpendicular coupling

Opt. Express 29(26), 42999-43010 (2021)  View: HTML | PDF

Design and fabrication of a double-sided aspherical Fresnel lens on a curved substrate

Opt. Express 29(26), 43353-43370 (2021)  View: HTML | PDF  [Suppl. Mat. (1)]

Design method for a reflective optical system with low tilt error sensitivity

Opt. Express 29(26), 43464-43479 (2021)  View: HTML | PDF

Twisted nematic liquid crystal polymer-based multi-layer composite polarizer with low azimuthal transmittance variation

Opt. Express 29(26), 43720-43730 (2021)  View: HTML | PDF

Self-compensation of errors in optical coating production with monochromatic monitoring

Opt. Express 29(26), 44275-44282 (2021)  View: HTML | PDF  [Suppl. Mat. (2)]

Cavity-enhanced InGaAs photo-FET with a metal gate reflector fabricated by wafer bonding on Si

Opt. Express 29(26), 42630-42641 (2021)  View: HTML | PDF

4-domain twisted liquid crystal micropolarizer array for visible linear polarization imaging

Opt. Express 29(26), 43226-43240 (2021)  View: HTML | PDF

On the measurement accuracy of coherent Rayleigh-based distributed sensors

Opt. Express 29(26), 42538-42552 (2021)  View: HTML | PDF

High-order OAM mode generation in a helical long-period fiber grating inscribed by an oxyhydrogen-flame

Opt. Express 29(26), 43371-43378 (2021)  View: HTML | PDF

Deep learning based pulse prediction of nonlinear dynamics in fiber optics

Opt. Express 29(26), 44080-44092 (2021)  View: HTML | PDF

Tm3+ heavily doped NIR-III bioprobe with 1 µm Stokes shift towards deep-tissue applications

Opt. Express 29(26), 42674-42683 (2021)  View: HTML | PDF

Large photonic spin Hall effect in two dimensional semi-Dirac materials

Opt. Express 29(26), 44239-44249 (2021)  View: HTML | PDF

Dynamics and timing-jitter of regenerative RF feedback assisted resonant electro-optic frequency comb

Opt. Express 29(26), 42435-42456 (2021)  View: HTML | PDF

Aligned polymer dispersed liquid crystal film for light enhancement of quantum dot backlight

Opt. Express 29(26), 43241-43255 (2021)  View: HTML | PDF

Chiral/directional mode transfer based on a tunable non-Hermitian system

Opt. Express 29(26), 44146-44156 (2021)  View: HTML | PDF  [Suppl. Mat. (1)]

Frequency response measurement of electro-optic phase modulators using the time-frequency analysis method

Opt. Express 29(26), 42599-42606 (2021)  View: HTML | PDF

Selective transport of chiral particles by optical pulling forces

Opt. Express 29(26), 42684-42695 (2021)  View: HTML | PDF

Topological charge of two parallel Laguerre-Gaussian beams

Opt. Express 29(26), 42962-42977 (2021)  View: HTML | PDF

Asymmetric carbon nanotube dimers embedded in a dielectric slab: new plasmonic resonance behavior

Opt. Express 29(26), 42495-42510 (2021)  View: HTML | PDF

Enhanced phonon-plasmon interaction in film-coupled dimer nanoridges mediated by surface acoustic waves

Opt. Express 29(26), 43104-43123 (2021)  View: HTML | PDF  [Suppl. Mat. (1)]

Simulation study on the enhancement of resonance energy transfer through surface plasmon coupling in a GaN porous structure

Opt. Express 29(26), 43182-43192 (2021)  View: HTML | PDF

Editors' Pick

Breaking the interband detectivity limit with metasurface multi-quantum-well infrared photodetectors

Opt. Express 29(26), 43598-43611 (2021)  View: HTML | PDF  [Suppl. Mat. (1)]

Enhanced sensitivity of a surface plasmon resonance biosensor using hyperbolic metamaterial and monolayer graphene

Opt. Express 29(26), 43766-43777 (2021)  View: HTML | PDF  [Suppl. Mat. (1)]

Sub-bandgap light absorption enhancement in germanium films through Berreman mode weak coupling to a microcavity mode

Opt. Express 29(26), 44189-44203 (2021)  View: HTML | PDF  [Suppl. Mat. (1)]

Doppler-broadened four-wave mixing under double-resonance optical pumping in the 5S1/2–5P3/2–4D5/2 transition of warm 87Rb atoms

Opt. Express 29(26), 42384-42393 (2021)  View: HTML | PDF

Atomic-type photonic crystals with adjustable band gaps

Opt. Express 29(26), 43148-43163 (2021)  View: HTML | PDF

Quantum theory of nonradiative decay dependent on the coupling strength in a plexcitonic system

Opt. Express 29(26), 43292-43302 (2021)  View: HTML | PDF

Microwave two-photon spectroscopy of cesium Rydberg atoms

Opt. Express 29(26), 43827-43835 (2021)  View: HTML | PDF

Development of a Doppler-broadened NICE-OHMS system for trace gas detection based on a single sideband phase modulator

Opt. Express 29(26), 42411-42419 (2021)  View: HTML | PDF

Method for geostationary satellite thermal infrared data simulation from polar-orbiting MODIS sensors

Opt. Express 29(26), 43836-43851 (2021)  View: HTML | PDF

Strong interaction between two photons and a plasmon of a complementary metamaterial in a terahertz dual cavity

Opt. Express 29(26), 42420-42434 (2021)  View: HTML | PDF

Terahertz polarizer based on tunable surface plasmon in graphene nanoribbon

Opt. Express 29(26), 42713-42725 (2021)  View: HTML | PDF  [Suppl. Mat. (1)]

Terahertz perfect absorber based on flexible active switching of ultra-broadband and ultra-narrowband

Opt. Express 29(26), 42787-42799 (2021)  View: HTML | PDF

Experimentally exploring the terahertz radiation in a long filament by a two-color laser field

Opt. Express 29(26), 43379-43388 (2021)  View: HTML | PDF

Terahertz rainbow spectrum imager on reflective metasurfaces

Opt. Express 29(26), 43403-43413 (2021)  View: HTML | PDF

Photonic bandgap terahertz fibers based on honeycombed tubes

Opt. Express 29(26), 43516-43530 (2021)  View: HTML | PDF

Editors' Pick

Multifunctional highly dispersive mirror for fiber oscillator

Opt. Express 29(26), 43174-43181 (2021)  View: HTML | PDF

Developing test color samples to compute color fidelity of light sources for printing matter

Opt. Express 29(26), 43032-43048 (2021)  View: HTML | PDF

Investigation of light source effects on digital camera-based spectral estimation

Opt. Express 29(26), 43899-43916 (2021)  View: HTML | PDF

Parametric removal rate survey study and numerical modeling for deterministic optics manufacturing: erratum

Opt. Express 29(26), 44299-44299 (2021)  View: HTML | PDF

Mid-wave/long-wave dual-color infrared quantum cascade detector enhanced by antenna-coupled microcavity: erratum

Opt. Express 29(26), 43819-43819 (2021)  View: HTML | PDF