Editors' Picks Collection: Optical Fiber

To honor its 40th Anniversary, the editors of Optics Letters selected articles from a variety of topic areas that reflect the progression of each area over the journal's history. Below is a collection of articles in the area of Optical Fiber.

Note that this selection of articles is not meant to be exhaustive but authoritative, showing that significant contributions were made and continue to be made in this area.

  1. The soliton laser
    L. F. Mollenauer and R. H. Stolen
    Opt. Letters 9(1) 13-15 (1984)
  2. Theory of the soliton self-frequency shift
    J. P. Gordon
    Opt. Letters 11(10) 662-664 (1986)
  3. Random walk of coherently amplified solitons in optical fiber transmission
    J. P. Gordon and H. A. Haus
    Opt. Letters 11(10) 665-667 (1986)
  4. Self-organized phase-matched harmonic generation in optical fibers
    R. H. Stolen and H. W. K. Tom
    Opt. Letters 12(8) 585-587 (1987)
  5. High-gain erbium-doped traveling-wave fiber amplifier
    E. Desurvire, J. R. Simpson, and P. C. Becker
    Opt. Letters 12(11) 888-890 (1987)
  6. Formation of Bragg gratings in optical fibers by a transverse holographic method
    G. Meltz, W. W. Morey, and W. H. Glenn
    Opt. Letters 14(15) 823-825 (1989)
  7. Stable fiber-source gyroscopes
    K. A. Fesler, M. J. F. Digonnet, B. Y. Kim, and H. J. Shaw
    Opt. Letters 15(22) 1321-1323 (1990)
  8. Phase noise in photonic communications systems using linear amplifiers
    J. P. Gordon and L. F. Mollenauer
    Opt. Letters 15(23) 1351-1353 (1990)
  9. Large second-order nonlinearity in poled fused silica
    R. A. Myers, N. Mukherjee, and S. R. J. Brueck
    Opt. Letters 16(22) 1732-1734 (1991)
  10. Soliton pulse compression in dispersion-decreasing fiber
    S. V. Chernikov, E. M. Dianov, D. J. Richardson, and D. N. Payne
    Opt. Letters 18(7) 476-478 (1993)
  11. Er3+:Yb3+-codoped fiber distributed-feedback laser
    J. T. Kringlebotn, J.-L. Archambault, L. Reekie, and D. N. Payne
    Opt. Letters 19(24) 2101-2103 (1994)
  12. Optical fiber long-period grating sensors
    Vikram Bhatia and Ashish M. Vengsarkar
    Opt. Letters 21(9) 692-694 (1996)
  13. All-silica single-mode optical fiber with photonic crystal cladding
    J. C. Knight, T. A. Birks, P. St. J. Russell, and D. M. Atkin
    Opt. Letters 21(19) 1547-1549 (1996)
  14. Writing waveguides in glass with a femtosecond laser
    K. M. Davis, K. Miura, N. Sugimoto, and K. Hirao
    Opt. Letters 21(21) 1729-1731 (1996)
  15. Endlessly single-mode photonic crystal fiber
    T. A. Birks, J. C. Knight, and P. St. J. Russell
    Opt. Letters 22(13) 961-963 (1997)
  16. Visible continuum generation in air-silica microstructure optical fibers with anomalous dispersion at 800 nm
    Jinendra K. Ranka, Robert S. Windeler, and Andrew J. Stentz
    Opt. Letters 25(1) 25-27 (2000)
  17. Single-mode operation of a coiled multimode fiber amplifier
    Jeffrey P. Koplow, Dahv A. V. Kliner, and Lew Goldberg
    Opt. Letters 25(7) 442-444 (2000)
  18. Highly birefringent photonic crystal fibers
    A. Ortigosa-Blanch, J. C. Knight, W. J. Wadsworth, J. Arriaga, B. J. Mangan, T. A. Birks, and P. St. J. Russell
    Opt. Letters 25(18) 1325-1327 (2000)
  19. Ultrahigh-resolution optical coherence tomography using continuum generation in an air-silica microstructure optical fiber
    I. Hartl, X. D. Li, C. Chudoba, R. K. Ghanta, T. H. Ko, J. G. Fujimoto, J. K. Ranka, and R. S. Windeler
    Opt. Letters 26(9) 608-610 (2001)