Editors' Picks Collection: Ultrafast Phenomena

To honor its 40th Anniversary, the editors of Optics Letters selected articles from a variety of topic areas that reflect the progression of each area over the journal's history. Below is a collection of articles in the area of Ultrafast Phenomena.

Note that this selection of articles is not meant to be exhaustive but authoritative, showing that significant contributions were made and continue to be made in this area.

  1. Compression of optical pulses to six femtoseconds by using cubic phase compensation
    R. L. Fork, C. H. Brito Cruz, P. C. Becker, and C. V. Shank
    Opt. Letters 12(7) 483-485 (1987)
  2. Group-delay measurement using the Fourier transform of an interferometric cross correlation generated by white light
    Kazunori Naganuma, Kazuo Mogi, and Hajime Yamada
    Opt. Letters 15(7) 393-395 (1990)
  3. Collapse of optical pulses
    Yaron Silberberg
    Opt. Letters 15(22) 1282-1284 (1990)
  4. Three-dimensional optical data storage in refractive media by two-photon point excitation
    James H. Strickler and Watt W. Webb
    Opt. Letters 16(22) 1780-1782 (1991)
  5. 77-fs pulse generation from a stretched-pulse mode-locked all-fiber ring laser
    K. Tamura, E. P. Ippen, H. A. Haus, and L. E. Nelson
    Opt. Letters 18(13) 1080-1082 (1993)
  6. Breaking the diffraction resolution limit by stimulated emission: stimulated-emission-depletion fluorescence microscopy
    Stefan W. Hell and Jan Wichmann
    Opt. Letters 19(11) 780-782 (1994)
  7. Subfemtosecond pulses
    P. B. Corkum, N. H. Burnett, and M. Y. Ivanov
    Opt. Letters 19(22) 1870-1872 (1994)
  8. Self-channeling of high-peak-power femtosecond laser pulses in air
    A. Braun, G. Korn, X. Liu, D. Du, J. Squier, and G. Mourou
    Opt. Letters 20(1) 73-75 (1995)
  9. Optical pulse compression to 5 fs at a 1-MHz repetition rate
    Andrius Baltuška, Zhiyi Wei, Maxim S. Pshenichnikov, and Douwe A. Wiersma
    Opt. Letters 22(2) 102-104 (1997)
  10. Adaptive femtosecond pulse compression
    D. Yelin, D. Meshulach, and Y. Silberberg
    Opt. Letters 22(23) 1793-1795 (1997)
  11. Generation of 5-fs pulses and octave-spanning spectra directly from a Ti:sapphire laser
    R. Ell, U. Morgner, F. X. Kärtner, J. G. Fujimoto, E. P. Ippen, V. Scheuer, G. Angelow, T. Tschudi, M. J. Lederer, A. Boiko, and B. Luther-Davies
    Opt. Letters 26(6) 373-375 (2001)
  12. 10-10 temporal contrast for femtosecond ultraintense lasers by cross-polarized wave generation
    Aurélie Jullien, Olivier Albert, Frédéric Burgy, Guy Hamoniaux, Jean-Philippe Rousseau, Jean-Paul Chambaret, Frédérika Augé-Rochereau, Gilles Chériaux, Jean Etchepare, Nikolay Minkovski, and Solomon M. Saltiel
    Opt. Letters 30(8) 920-922 (2005)
  13. Tailoring a 67 attosecond pulse through advantageous phase-mismatch
    Kun Zhao, Qi Zhang, Michael Chini, Yi Wu, Xiaowei Wang, and Zenghu Chang
    Opt. Letters 37(18) 3891-3893 (2012)
  14. 4.2 PW, 20 fs Ti:sapphire laser at 0.1 Hz
    Jae Hee Sung, Hwang Woon Lee, Je Yoon Yoo, Jin Woo Yoon, Chang Won Lee, Jeong Moon Yang, Yeon Joo Son, Yong Ha Jang, Seong Ku Lee, and Chang Hee Nam
    Opt. Letters 42(11) 2058-2061 (2017)