The Most Cited Articles in Optics Letters

To highlight some of the seminal research published in Optics Letters, below are the most-cited articles in the history of the journal. They are free to access throughout 2017. (Citation counts are from Clarivate Analytics as of January 4, 2017.)

  1. Observation of a single-beam gradient force optical trap for dielectric particles

    A. Ashkin, J. M. Dziedzic, J. E. Bjorkholm, and Steven Chu

    Opt. Lett. 11(5) 288-290 (1986)

    TOTAL CITES: 3345

  2. All-silica single-mode optical fiber with photonic crystal cladding

    J. C. Knight, T. A. Birks, P. St. J. Russell, and D. M. Atkin

    Opt. Lett. 21(19) 1547-1549 (1996)

    TOTAL CITES: 1831

  3. Endlessly single-mode photonic crystal fiber

    T. A. Birks, J. C. Knight, and P. St. J. Russell

    Opt. Lett. 22(13) 961-963 (1997)

    TOTAL CITES: 1830

  4. Breaking the diffraction resolution limit by stimulated emission: stimulated-emission-depletion fluorescence microscopy

    Stefan W. Hell and Jan Wichmann

    Opt. Lett. 19(11) 780-782 (1994)

    TOTAL CITES: 1715

  5. Visible continuum generation in air–silica microstructure optical fibers with anomalous dispersion at 800 nm

    Jinendra K. Ranka, Robert S. Windeler, and Andrew J. Stentz

    Opt. Lett. 25(1) 25-27 (2000)

    TOTAL CITES: 1607

  6. Writing waveguides in glass with a femtosecond laser

    K. M. Davis, K. Miura, N. Sugimoto, and K. Hirao

    Opt. Lett. 21(21) 1729-1731 (1996)

    TOTAL CITES: 1559

  7. Optical image encryption based on input plane and Fourier plane random encoding

    Philippe Refregier and Bahram Javidi

    Opt. Lett. 20(7) 767-769 (1995)

    TOTAL CITES: 1190

  8. High-sensitivity, single-beam n2 measurements

    M. Sheik-bahae, A. A. Said, and E. W. Van Stryland

    Opt. Lett. 14(17) 955-957 (1989)

    TOTAL CITES: 1162

  9. Formation of Bragg gratings in optical fibers by a transverse holographic method

    G. Meltz, W. W. Morey, and W. H. Glenn

    Opt. Lett. 14(15) 823-825 (1989)

    TOTAL CITES: 1139

  10. Phase-shifting digital holography

    Ichirou Yamaguchi and Tong Zhang

    Opt. Lett. 22(16) 1268-1270 (1997)

    TOTAL CITES: 1067

  11. Negative index of refraction in optical metamaterials

    Vladimir M. Shalaev, Wenshan Cai, Uday K. Chettiar, Hsiao-Kuan Yuan, Andrey K. Sarychev, Vladimir P. Drachev, and Alexander V. Kildishev

    Opt. Lett. 30(24) 3356-3358 (2005)

    TOTAL CITES: 1067

  12. Coupled-resonator optical waveguide:?a proposal and analysis

    Amnon Yariv, Yong Xu, Reginald K. Lee, and Axel Scherer

    Opt. Lett. 24(11) 711-713 (1999)

    TOTAL CITES: 1045

  13. 60-fsec pulse generation from a self-mode-locked Ti:sapphire laser

    D. E. Spence, P. N. Kean, and W. Sibbett

    Opt. Lett. 16(1) 42-44 (1991)

    TOTAL CITES: 965

  14. Three-dimensional microfabrication with two-photon-absorbed photopolymerization

    Shoji Maruo, Osamu Nakamura, and Satoshi Kawata

    Opt. Lett. 22(2) 132-134 (1997)

    TOTAL CITES: 935

  15. Self-channeling of high-peak-power femtosecond laser pulses in air

    A. Braun, G. Korn, X. Liu, D. Du, J. Squier, and G. Mourou

    Opt. Lett. 20(1) 73-75 (1995)

    TOTAL CITES: 910

  16. Guiding and confining light in void nanostructure

    Vilson R. Almeida, Qianfan Xu, Carlos A. Barrios, and Michal Lipson

    Opt. Lett. 29(11) 1209-1211 (2004)

    TOTAL CITES: 909

  17. Imaging with terahertz waves

    B. B. Hu and M. C. Nuss

    Opt. Lett. 20(16) 1716-1718 (1995)

    TOTAL CITES: 817

  18. Giant Kerr nonlinearities obtained by electromagnetically induced transparency

    H. Schmidt and A. Imamoglu

    Opt. Lett. 21(23) 1936-1938 (1996)

    TOTAL CITES: 807

  19. Improved signal-to-noise ratio in spectral-domain compared with time-domain optical coherence tomography

    Johannes F. de Boer, Barry Cense, B. Hyle Park, Mark C. Pierce, Guillermo J. Tearney, and Brett E. Bouma

    Opt. Lett. 28(21) 2067-2069 (2003)

    TOTAL CITES: 788

  20. Discrete self-focusing in nonlinear arrays of coupled waveguides

    D. N. Christodoulides and R. I. Joseph

    Opt. Lett. 13(9) 794-796 (1988)

    TOTAL CITES: 787

  21. Electromagnetic energy transport via linear chains of silver nanoparticles

    M. Quinten, A. Leitner, J. R. Krenn, and F. R. Aussenegg

    Opt. Lett. 23(17) 1331-1333 (1998)

    TOTAL CITES: 754

  22. Three-dimensional optical storage inside transparent materials

    E. N. Glezer, M. Milosavljevic, L. Huang, R. J. Finlay, T.-H. Her, J. P. Callan, and E. Mazur

    Opt. Lett. 21(24) 2023-2025 (1996)

    TOTAL CITES: 737

  23. Compression of high-energy laser pulses below 5 fs

    M. Nisoli, S. De Silvestri, O. Svelto, R. Szipöcs, K. Ferencz, Ch. Spielmann, S. Sartania, and F. Krausz

    Opt. Lett. 22(8) 522-524 (1997)

    TOTAL CITES: 733

  24. Theory of the soliton self-frequency shift

    J. P. Gordon

    Opt. Lett. 11(10) 662-664 (1986)

    TOTAL CITES: 715

  25. Discovery of the soliton self-frequency shift

    F. M. Mitschke and L. F. Mollenauer

    Opt. Lett. 11(10) 659-661 (1986)

    TOTAL CITES: 714

  26. Reconstruction of an object from the modulus of its Fourier transform

    J. R. Fienup

    Opt. Lett. 3(1) 27-29 (1978)

    TOTAL CITES: 703

  27. Sub-Poissonian photon statistics in resonance fluorescence

    L. Mandel

    Opt. Lett. 4(7) 205-207 (1979)

    TOTAL CITES: 699

  28. Spectral phase interferometry for direct electric-field reconstruction of ultrashort optical pulses

    C. Iaconis and I. A. Walmsley

    Opt. Lett. 23(10) 792-794 (1998)

    TOTAL CITES: 699

  29. Optical fiber long-period grating sensors

    Vikram Bhatia and Ashish M. Vengsarkar

    Opt. Lett. 21(9) 692-694 (1996)

    TOTAL CITES: 688

  30. In vivo ultrahigh-resolution optical coherence tomography

    W. Drexler, U. Morgner, F. X. Kärtner, C. Pitris, S. A. Boppart, X. D. Li, E. P. Ippen, and J. G. Fujimoto

    Opt. Lett. 24(17) 1221-1223 (1999)

    TOTAL CITES: 671

  31. Compression of optical pulses to six femtoseconds by using cubic phase compensation

    R. L. Fork, C. H. Brito Cruz, P. C. Becker, and C. V. Shank

    Opt. Lett. 12(7) 483-485 (1987)

    TOTAL CITES: 662

  32. Generation of optical phase singularities by computer-generated holograms

    N. R. Heckenberg, R. McDuff, C. P. Smith, and A. G. White

    Opt. Lett. 17(3) 221-223 (1992)

    TOTAL CITES: 648

  33. Self-pumped, continuous-wave phase conjugator using internal reflection

    Jack Feinberg

    Opt. Lett. 7(10) 486-488 (1982)

    TOTAL CITES: 638

  34. Micromachining bulk glass by use of femtosecond laser pulses with nanojoule energy

    Chris B. Schaffer, André Brodeur, José F. García, and Eric Mazur

    Opt. Lett. 26(2) 93-95 (2001)

    TOTAL CITES: 628

  35. Two-dimensional birefringence imaging in biological tissue by polarization-sensitive optical coherence tomography

    Johannes F. de Boer, Thomas E. Milner, Martin J. C. van Gemert, and J. Stuart Nelson

    Opt. Lett. 22(12) 934-936 (1997)

    TOTAL CITES: 617

  36. Two-photon absorption and broadband optical limiting with bis-donor stilbenes

    J. E. Ehrlich, X. L. Wu, I.-Y. S. Lee, Z.-Y. Hu, H. Röckel, S. R. Marder, and J. W. Perry

    Opt. Lett. 22(24) 1843-1845 (1997)

    TOTAL CITES: 611

  37. Negative dispersion using pairs of prisms

    R. L. Fork, O. E. Martinez, and J. P. Gordon

    Opt. Lett. 9(5) 150-152 (1984)

    TOTAL CITES: 610

  38. Nonlinear-optical loop mirror

    N. J. Doran and David Wood

    Opt. Lett. 13(1) 56-58 (1988)

    TOTAL CITES: 610

  39. Random walk of coherently amplified solitons in optical fiber transmission

    J. P. Gordon and H. A. Haus

    Opt. Lett. 11(10) 665-667 (1986)

    TOTAL CITES: 606

  40. Ultrahigh-resolution optical coherence tomography using continuum generation in an air–silica microstructure optical fiber

    I. Hartl, X. D. Li, C. Chudoba, R. K. Ghanta, T. H. Ko, J. G. Fujimoto, J. K. Ranka, and R. S. Windeler

    Opt. Lett. 26(9) 608-610 (2001)

    TOTAL CITES: 593

  41. Coherent trapping of atomic populations

    H. R. Gray, R. M. Whitley, and C. R. Stroud

    Opt. Lett. 3(6) 218-220 (1978)

    TOTAL CITES: 592

  42. Ultimate Q of optical microsphere resonators

    M. L. Gorodetsky, A. A. Savchenkov, and V. S. Ilchenko

    Opt. Lett. 21(7) 453-455 (1996)

    TOTAL CITES: 591

  43. Frequency-modulation spectroscopy: a new method for measuring weak absorptions and dispersions

    Gary C. Bjorklund

    Opt. Lett. 5(1) 15-17 (1980)

    TOTAL CITES: 583

  44. Digital holography for quantitative phase-contrast imaging

    Etienne Cuche, Frédéric Bevilacqua, and Christian Depeursinge

    Opt. Lett. 24(5) 291-293 (1999)

    TOTAL CITES: 578

  45. Simple technique for measurements of pulsed Gaussian-beam spot sizes

    J. M. Liu

    Opt. Lett. 7(5) 196-198 (1982)

    TOTAL CITES: 577

  46. Digital holographic microscopy: a noninvasive contrast imaging technique allowing quantitative visualization of living cells with subwavelength axial accuracy

    Pierre Marquet, Benjamin Rappaz, Pierre J. Magistretti, Etienne Cuche, Yves Emery, Tristan Colomb, and Christian Depeursinge

    Opt. Lett. 30(5) 468-470 (2005)

    TOTAL CITES: 572

  47. Highly birefringent photonic crystal fibers

    A. Ortigosa-Blanch, J. C. Knight, W. J. Wadsworth, J. Arriaga, B. J. Mangan, T. A. Birks, and P. St. J. Russell

    Opt. Lett. 25(18) 1325-1327 (2000)

    TOTAL CITES: 567

  48. Guiding of a one-dimensional optical beam with nanometer diameter

    Junichi Takahara, Suguru Yamagishi, Hiroaki Taki, Akihiro Morimoto, and Tetsuro Kobayashi

    Opt. Lett. 22(7) 475-477 (1997)

    TOTAL CITES: 562

  49. Accelerating finite energy Airy beams

    Georgios A. Siviloglou and Demetrios N. Christodoulides

    Opt. Lett. 32(8) 979-981 (2007)

    TOTAL CITES: 558

  50. Supercontinuum generation in tapered fibers

    T. A. Birks, W. J. Wadsworth, and P. St. J. Russell

    Opt. Lett. 25(19) 1415-1417 (2000)

    TOTAL CITES: 555

  51. 77-fs pulse generation from a stretched-pulse mode-locked all-fiber ring laser

    K. Tamura, E. P. Ippen, H. A. Haus, and L. E. Nelson

    Opt. Lett. 18(13) 1080-1082 (1993)

    TOTAL CITES: 549

  52. Large second-order nonlinearity in poled fused silica

    R. A. Myers, N. Mukherjee, and S. R. J. Brueck

    Opt. Lett. 16(22) 1732-1734 (1991)

    TOTAL CITES: 547

  53. Mechanical equivalence of spin and orbital angular momentum of light: an optical spanner

    N. B. Simpson, K. Dholakia, L. Allen, and M. J. Padgett

    Opt. Lett. 22(1) 52-54 (1997)

    TOTAL CITES: 539

  54. Low-threshold lasing at the edge of a photonic stop band in cholesteric liquid crystals

    V. I. Kopp, B. Fan, H. K. M. Vithana, and A. Z. Genack

    Opt. Lett. 23(21) 1707-1709 (1998)

    TOTAL CITES: 526

  55. Negative-index metamaterial at 780 nm wavelength

    G. Dolling, M. Wegener, C. M. Soukoulis, and S. Linden

    Opt. Lett. 32(1) 53-55 (2007)

    TOTAL CITES: 526

  56. Phase-matched excitation of whispering-gallery-mode resonances by a fiber taper

    J. C. Knight, G. Cheung, F. Jacques, and T. A. Birks

    Opt. Lett. 22(15) 1129-1131 (1997)

    TOTAL CITES: 524

  57. Optical encryption by double-random phase encoding in the fractional Fourier domain

    G. Unnikrishnan, J. Joseph, and K. Singh

    Opt. Lett. 25(12) 887-889 (2000)

    TOTAL CITES: 521

  58. Collapse of optical pulses

    Yaron Silberberg

    Opt. Lett. 15(22) 1282-1284 (1990)

    TOTAL CITES: 515

  59. Three-dimensional optical data storage in refractive media by two-photon point excitation

    James H. Strickler and Watt W. Webb

    Opt. Lett. 16(22) 1780-1782 (1991)

    TOTAL CITES: 509

  60. Nanotaper for compact mode conversion

    Vilson R. Almeida, Roberto R. Panepucci, and Michal Lipson

    Opt. Lett. 28(15) 1302-1304 (2003)

    TOTAL CITES: 498

  61. Dye laser pumped by Nd:YAG laser pulses frequency doubled in a glass optical fiber

    U. Österberg and W. Margulis

    Opt. Lett. 11(8) 516-518 (1986)

    TOTAL CITES: 492

  62. Multiplexed fiber Bragg grating strain-sensor system with a fiber Fabry–Perot wavelength filter

    A. D. Kersey, T. A. Berkoff, and W. W. Morey

    Opt. Lett. 18(16) 1370-1372 (1993)

    TOTAL CITES: 480

  63. In vivo retinal imaging by optical coherence tomography

    E. A. Swanson, J. A. Izatt, C. P. Lin, J. G. Fujimoto, J. S. Schuman, M. R. Hee, D. Huang, and C. A. Puliafito

    Opt. Lett. 18(21) 1864-1866 (1993)

    TOTAL CITES: 475

  64. Intense terahertz pulses by four-wave rectification in air

    D. J. Cook and R. M. Hochstrasser

    Opt. Lett. 25(16) 1210-1212 (2000)

    TOTAL CITES: 467

  65. Method of obtaining optical sectioning by using structured light in a conventional microscope

    M. A. A. Neil, R. Juškaitis, and T. Wilson

    Opt. Lett. 22(24) 1905-1907 (1997)

    TOTAL CITES: 465

  66. Temperature-dependent Sellmeier equation for the index of refraction, ne, in congruent lithium niobate

    Dieter H. Jundt

    Opt. Lett. 22(20) 1553-1555 (1997)

    TOTAL CITES: 462

  67. Self-focusing and self-defocusing by cascaded second-order effects in KTP

    R. DeSalvo, D. J. Hagan, M. Sheik-Bahae, G. Stegeman, E. W. Van Stryland, and H. Vanherzeele

    Opt. Lett. 17(1) 28-30 (1992)

    TOTAL CITES: 462

  68. Surface-mediated enhancement of optical phase conjugation in metal colloids

    D. Ricard, Ph. Roussignol, and Chr. Flytzanis

    Opt. Lett. 10(10) 511-513 (1985)

    TOTAL CITES: 459

  69. Degenerate four-wave mixing in absorbing media

    R. L. Abrams and R. C. Lind

    Opt. Lett. 2(4) 94-96 (1978)

    TOTAL CITES: 458

  70. Phase noise in photonic communications systems using linear amplifiers

    J. P. Gordon and L. F. Mollenauer

    Opt. Lett. 15(23) 1351-1353 (1990)

    TOTAL CITES: 455

  71. Noise in homodyne and heterodyne detection

    Horace P. Yuen and Vincent W. S. Chan

    Opt. Lett. 8(3) 177-179 (1983)

    TOTAL CITES: 447

  72. Ge-on-Si laser operating at room temperature

    Jifeng Liu, Xiaochen Sun, Rodolfo Camacho-Aguilera, Lionel C. Kimerling, and Jurgen Michel

    Opt. Lett. 35(5) 679-681 (2010)

    TOTAL CITES: 443

  73. Shift of whispering-gallery modes in microspheres by protein adsorption

    S. Arnold, M. Khoshsima, I. Teraoka, S. Holler, and F. Vollmer

    Opt. Lett. 28(4) 272-274 (2003)

    TOTAL CITES: 438

  74. Solid-state low-loss intracavity saturable absorber for Nd:YLF lasers: an antiresonant semiconductor Fabry–Perot saturable absorber

    U. Keller, D. A. B. Miller, G. D. Boyd, T. H. Chiu, J. F. Ferguson, and M. T. Asom

    Opt. Lett. 17(7) 505-507 (1992)

    TOTAL CITES: 436

  75. Angle-multiplexed storage of 5000 holograms in lithium niobate

    Fai H. Mok

    Opt. Lett. 18(11) 915-917 (1993)

    TOTAL CITES: 433

  76. In vivo bidirectional color Doppler flow imaging of picoliter blood volumes using optical coherence tomography

    Joseph A. Izatt, Manish D. Kulkarni, Siavash Yazdanfar, Jennifer K. Barton, and Ashley J. Welch

    Opt. Lett. 22(18) 1439-1441 (1997)

    TOTAL CITES: 423

  77. Interaction forces among solitons in optical fibers

    J. P. Gordon

    Opt. Lett. 8(11) 596-598 (1983)

    TOTAL CITES: 422

  78. Optical vortex trapping of particles

    K. T. Gahagan and G. A. Swartzlander

    Opt. Lett. 21(11) 827-829 (1996)

    TOTAL CITES: 419

  79. Subfemtosecond pulses

    P. B. Corkum, N. H. Burnett, and M. Y. Ivanov

    Opt. Lett. 19(22) 1870-1872 (1994)

    TOTAL CITES: 416

  80. Experimental demonstration of guiding and confining light in nanometer-size low-refractive-index material

    Qianfan Xu, Vilson R. Almeida, Roberto R. Panepucci, and Michal Lipson

    Opt. Lett. 29(14) 1626-1628 (2004)

    TOTAL CITES: 416

  81. Phase-resolved optical coherence tomography and optical Doppler tomography for imaging blood flow in human skin with fast scanning speed and high velocity sensitivity

    Yonghua Zhao, Zhongping Chen, Christopher Saxer, Shaohua Xiang, Johannes F. de Boer, and J. Stuart Nelson

    Opt. Lett. 25(2) 114-116 (2000)

    TOTAL CITES: 411

  82. Near-field scanning optical microscope with a metallic probe tip

    Yasushi Inouye and Satoshi Kawata

    Opt. Lett. 19(3) 159-161 (1994)

    TOTAL CITES: 410

  83. Monolithic, unidirectional single-mode Nd:YAG ring laser

    Thomas J. Kane and Robert L. Byer

    Opt. Lett. 10(2) 65-67 (1985)

    TOTAL CITES: 407

  84. Sub-20-fs pulses tunable across the visible from a blue-pumped single-pass noncollinear parametric converter

    T. Wilhelm, J. Piel, and E. Riedle

    Opt. Lett. 22(19) 1494-1496 (1997)

    TOTAL CITES: 405

  85. Optical trapping of metallic Rayleigh particles

    Karel Svoboda and Steven M. Block

    Opt. Lett. 19(13) 930-932 (1994)

    TOTAL CITES: 401

  86. Petawatt laser pulses

    M. D. Perry, D. Pennington, B. C. Stuart, G. Tietbohl, J. A. Britten, C. Brown, S. Herman, B. Golick, M. Kartz, J. Miller, H. T. Powell, M. Vergino, and V. Yanovsky

    Opt. Lett. 24(3) 160-162 (1999)

    TOTAL CITES: 395

  87. Chirped multilayer coatings for broadband dispersion control in femtosecond lasers

    Robert Szipöcs, Kárpát Ferencz, Christian Spielmann, and Ferenc Krausz

    Opt. Lett. 19(3) 201-203 (1994)

    TOTAL CITES: 394

  88. General procedure for the analysis of Er3+ cross sections

    W. J. Miniscalco and R. S. Quimby

    Opt. Lett. 16(4) 258-260 (1991)

    TOTAL CITES: 393

  89. Infrared photosensitivity in silica glasses exposed to femtosecond laser pulses

    D. Homoelle, S. Wielandy, Alexander L. Gaeta, N. F. Borrelli, and Charlene Smith

    Opt. Lett. 24(18) 1311-1313 (1999)

    TOTAL CITES: 391

  90. Dynamic spatial replenishment of femtosecond pulses propagating in air

    M. Mlejnek, E. M. Wright, and J. V. Moloney

    Opt. Lett. 23(5) 382-384 (1998)

    TOTAL CITES: 390

  91. Fabrication of ultralow-loss Si/SiO2 waveguides by roughness reduction

    Kevin K. Lee, Desmond R. Lim, Lionel C. Kimerling, Jangho Shin, and Franco Cerrina

    Opt. Lett. 26(23) 1888-1890 (2001)

    TOTAL CITES: 390

  92. Scanning coherent anti-Stokes Raman microscope

    M. D. Duncan, J. Reintjes, and T. J. Manuccia

    Opt. Lett. 7(8) 350-352 (1982)

    TOTAL CITES: 388

  93. Femtosecond laser-assisted three-dimensional microfabrication in silica

    Andrius Marcinkevičius, Saulius Juodkazis, Mitsuru Watanabe, Masafumi Miwa, Shigeki Matsuo, Hiroaki Misawa, and Junji Nishii

    Opt. Lett. 26(5) 277-279 (2001)

    TOTAL CITES: 385

  94. Single-mode operation of a coiled multimode fiber amplifier

    Jeffrey P. Koplow, Dahv A. V. Kliner, and Lew Goldberg

    Opt. Lett. 25(7) 442-444 (2000)

    TOTAL CITES: 384

  95. Optical coherence tomography using a frequency-tunable optical source

    S. R. Chinn, E. A. Swanson, and J. G. Fujimoto

    Opt. Lett. 22(5) 340-342 (1997)

    TOTAL CITES: 384

  96. Two-photon absorption and optical-limiting properties of novel organic compounds

    Guang S. He, Gen C. Xu, Paras N. Prasad, Bruce A. Reinhardt, Jay C. Bhatt, and Ann G. Dillard

    Opt. Lett. 20(5) 435-437 (1995)

    TOTAL CITES: 382

  97. Conical emission from self-guided femtosecond pulses in air

    E. T. J. Nibbering, P. F. Curley, G. Grillon, B. S. Prade, M. A. Franco, F. Salin, and A. Mysyrowicz

    Opt. Lett. 21(1) 62-64 (1996)

    TOTAL CITES: 381

  98. Optical coherence microscopy in scattering media

    Joseph A. Izatt, Michael R. Hee, Gabrielle M. Owen, Eric A. Swanson, and James G. Fujimoto

    Opt. Lett. 19(8) 590-592 (1994)

    TOTAL CITES: 379

  99. Optical coherence-domain reflectometry: a new optical evaluation technique

    Robert C. Youngquist, Sally Carr, and D. E. N. Davies

    Opt. Lett. 12(3) 158-160 (1987)

    TOTAL CITES: 378

  100. Experimental three-dimensional fluorescence reconstruction of diffuse media by use of a normalized Born approximation

    Vasilis Ntziachristos and Ralph Weissleder

    Opt. Lett. 26(12) 893-895 (2001)

    TOTAL CITES: 377

  101. Double random-phase encoding in the Fresnel domain

    Guohai Situ and Jingjuan Zhang

    Opt. Lett. 29(14) 1584-1586 (2004)

    TOTAL CITES: 377