Optical Materials Express Feature Issue

Halide Perovskites for Photonics and Optoelectronics

Submissions opens: 1 September 2021
Submissions close: 1 October 2021

Halide perovskites have recently attracted considerable attention because of their excellent optical and electronic properties as well their solution-processability. In the past decade, tremendous progress has been made in fabricating high-performance devices including photovoltaic cells, light-emitting diodes (LEDs), lasers, and radiation detectors with performances approaching, and even exceeding, current state-of-the-art commercial technologies. This feature issue will highlight recent advances in halide perovskites for optical device applications with a focus on device engineering, characterization, and modelling, as well as the synthesis of novel halide perovskite optical materials. Contributions on devices such as lasers, light emitting diodes (LEDs), optical modulators, solar cells, photonic devices, flexible and integrated devices, as well as emerging topics such as light—matter interactions, strong coupling, and quantum emission are welcome.

Topics to be covered include but are not limited to:

  • Halide perovskite fundamental optical properties
  • Light-matter interactions: strong-coupling effects and exciton polaritons
  • Halide perovskite nanophotonics
  • Halide perovskite lasers
  • Halide perovskite LEDs and THz sources
  • High harmonic generation with Halide perovskites
  • Photonic and optoelectronic devices with atomically-thin Halide perovskites
  • Halide perovskite modulators
  • Halide perovskite photovoltaics
  • Halide perovskite single photon emitters
  • Hybrid platforms: Halide perovskites interfaced with plasmonic and dielectric nanophotonic systems
  • Dynamic and tunable photonic platforms based on Halide perovskites
  • Modelling of halide perovskite photonic devices

All papers need to present original, previously unpublished work, and will be subject to the normal criteria and peer-review process of the Journal. The standard OMEx publication charges will apply to all published articles.

Manuscripts must be prepared according to the usual guidelines for submission to Optical Materials Express and must be submitted online through Prism's manuscript submission system. When submitting, authors should specify that the manuscript is for the "Halide Perovskites for Photonics and Optoelectronics" feature issue (choose from the drop-down menu).

Feature Issue Guest Editors
Letian Dou, Purdue University, USA (Lead Editor)
Xiwen Gong, University of Michigan, USA
Sergey Makarov, ITMO University, Russia
Barry Rand, Princeton University, USA
Yongsheng Zhao, Institute of Chemistry, CAS, China