Optical Materials Express Feature Issue

Non-Oxide Optical Materials

Submissions open: 3 January 2022
Submissions close: 1 February 2022

Non-oxide glasses and crystals are important optical materials due to their infrared transparency, high refractive indices, and "tunable" properties (through doping or alloying). The combination of these properties means that non-oxide materials are used in a vast array of current and developing technologies. This feature issue will highlight recent advances in non-oxide optical materials such as chalcogenides, halides, and nitrides. We welcome submissions that present research covering basic glass chemistry, issues related to their integration as components into systems, all-optical switching, and lab-on-a-chip photonics.

Topics to be covered include but are not limited to:

  • Infrared optics and photonics
  • Physics, chemistry, and optics of non-oxide glasses (chalcogenides, halides, and nitrides)
  • Physics, chemistry, and optics of non-oxide crystals (GaAs, Si, Ge)
  • Phase change materials
  • Thin-film (2D) photonics
  • Light-matter interactions
  • Infrared optical sensors
  • Multi-material integration of non-oxide media in applications

All papers need to present original, previously unpublished work, and will be subject to the normal criteria and peer-review process of the Journal. The standard OMEx publication charges will apply to all published articles.

Manuscripts must be prepared according to the usual guidelines for submission to Optical Materials Express and must be submitted online through Prism's manuscript submission system. When submitting, authors should specify that the manuscript is for the "Non-Oxide Optical Materials" feature issue (choose from the drop-down menu).

Feature Editor Guest Editors
J. David Musgraves, Rochester Precision Optics, USA (Lead Editor)
Laurent Calvez, University of Rennes, France
Heike Ebendorff-Heidepriem, University of Adelaide, Australia
Changgui Lin, Ningbo University, China
Kathleen Richardson, University of Central Florida, USA
Yaroslav Shpotyuk, University of Rzeszow, Poland