15 September 2020, Volume 3, Issue 9, pp. 2308-2659  
30 articles


Probability of orbital angular momentum modes carried by a finite energy frozen wave in turbulent seawater

OSA Continuum 3(9), 2429-2440 (2020)  View: HTML | PDF

Low loss double cladding nested hollow core antiresonant fiber

OSA Continuum 3(9), 2512-2524 (2020)  View: HTML | PDF

Editors' Pick

Group key agreement over free-space optical links

OSA Continuum 3(9), 2525-2543 (2020)  View: HTML | PDF

Impact of oxide aperture diameter on optical output power, spectral emission, and bandwidth for 980 nm VCSELs

OSA Continuum 3(9), 2602-2613 (2020)  View: HTML | PDF

High-speed multi-layer coded adaptive LACO-OFDM and its experimental verification

OSA Continuum 3(9), 2614-2629 (2020)  View: HTML | PDF

Optical coherence tomography interpreted by diffractive optics: A-scan image formation with wavelength-scale diffraction gratings as samples

OSA Continuum 3(9), 2395-2406 (2020)  View: HTML | PDF

Time-resolved imaging of settling mineral dust aerosols with digital holography

OSA Continuum 3(9), 2493-2500 (2020)  View: HTML | PDF  [Suppl. Mat. (1)]

Optics-free imaging of complex, non-sparse and color QR-codes with deep neural networks

OSA Continuum 3(9), 2423-2428 (2020)  View: HTML | PDF  [Suppl. Mat. (1)]

Editors' Pick

Accurate near-field millimeter-wave imaging of concave objects using multistatic array

OSA Continuum 3(9), 2453-2469 (2020)  View: HTML | PDF

Is the formulation of the Fried parameter accurate in the strong turbulent scattering regime?

OSA Continuum 3(9), 2653-2659 (2020)  View: HTML | PDF

Revisit: principle of transverse flow measurement by using an optical vortex beam in cylindrical coordinates

OSA Continuum 3(9), 2470-2484 (2020)  View: HTML | PDF

Motion detection based on 3D-printed compound eyes

OSA Continuum 3(9), 2553-2563 (2020)  View: HTML | PDF

Using a dual-tree complex wavelet transform for denoising an optical coherence tomography angiography blood vessel image

OSA Continuum 3(9), 2630-2645 (2020)  View: HTML | PDF  [Public Reviewer Comments]

Splitting the bandwidth of a frustrated total internal reflection filter with nanoparticle inclusions

OSA Continuum 3(9), 2591-2601 (2020)  View: HTML | PDF  [Public Reviewer Comments]

Structural and optical characteristics of dysprosium-doped zinc zirconate nanocomposites

OSA Continuum 3(9), 2332-2346 (2020)  View: HTML | PDF

Dielectric properties of crystalline BiOCl in the terahertz region

OSA Continuum 3(9), 2646-2652 (2020)  View: HTML | PDF

Infrared nanospectroscopy and nanoimaging of individual cell membranes and microvesicles exposed to air

OSA Continuum 3(9), 2564-2572 (2020)  View: HTML | PDF

Tweezing and manipulating the distribution of gold nanorods (GNRs) on a tapered optical fiber to develop a plasmonic structure

OSA Continuum 3(9), 2415-2422 (2020)  View: HTML | PDF

Dispersion-engineered T-type germanium waveguide for mid-infrared supercontinuum and frequency comb generations in all-normal dispersion region

OSA Continuum 3(9), 2320-2331 (2020)  View: HTML | PDF

Nonlinear absorption and the ultrafast dynamic process of Au-Ag nanoshuttles

OSA Continuum 3(9), 2485-2492 (2020)  View: HTML | PDF

In-line evanescent-field-coupled THz bandpass mux/demux fabricated by additive layer manufacturing technology

OSA Continuum 3(9), 2407-2414 (2020)  View: HTML | PDF

Spatial uniformity of the spectral radiance by white LED-based flat-fields

OSA Continuum 3(9), 2501-2511 (2020)  View: HTML | PDF

Observation of concentrating paraxial beams

OSA Continuum 3(9), 2387-2394 (2020)  View: HTML | PDF

Entomological Scheimpflug lidar for estimating unique insect classes in-situ field test from Ivory Coast

OSA Continuum 3(9), 2362-2371 (2020)  View: HTML | PDF

Quantification of trace elements in molten aluminum with randomized impurity concentrations using laser-induced breakdown spectroscopy

OSA Continuum 3(9), 2544-2552 (2020)  View: HTML | PDF

Reduction of graphene oxide by nanofocused ultrafast surface plasmon pulses

OSA Continuum 3(9), 2441-2452 (2020)  View: HTML | PDF