Feature Issue of OSA Continuum

JSAP-OSA Joint Symposium 2021

Submission Opens: 1 October 2021
Submission Deadline: 30 November 2021

Since 2012, the Japan Society of Applied Physics (JSAP) and Optica Publishing Group have been organizing a joint English language symposium during the JSAP Autumn meeting. The symposium aims to encourage students and early-career researchers inside and outside Japan to present and discuss their updated works in English, and it welcomes the entire broad fields of optical science and photonics, and their satellite topics.

The scope of this symposium corresponds with the scope of the technically sound journal, OSA Continuum, which aims to publish research, including negative results, with high standards for technical accuracy, scientific rigor, and presentation quality, without judgment of the potential impact or significance in optics and photonics.

This feature issue in OSA Continuum will include papers from authors who presented at the JSAP-OSA joint symposium. All authors presenting at the 82nd JSAP Autumn Meeting are also encouraged to submit. The feature issue will cover a wide range of new fundamental science and advanced technologies for optical science and photonics. This issue also welcomes useful computational numerical simulations in optical science and photonics, and manuscripts that offer technical "know-how" in the above related applications.

Topics of interest correspond to the JSAP-OSA joint symposium session titles:

  1. Plasmonics and nanophotonics: Plasmonic nanospectroscopy and nanoimaging, Plasmonic devices, Metamaterials, Biosensors
  2. Photonics devices, photonic integrated circuits and silicon photonics: Photonics crystals, Semiconductor devices, Photonic integrated circuits, Silicon photonics, Optical fibers, Applications using photonic devices
  3. Lasers and laser materials processing: Lasers, Ultrafast lasers, Optical frequency combs, High field phenomena, Laser materials processing, Optical manipulation, Material modification by strong light fields, Material synthesis and device fabrication using lasers
  4. Information photonics: Digital holography, Holographic data storage, 3D imaging and display, Computational imaging, Single pixel imaging, Multispectral imaging, Adaptive optics, Machine learning
  5. Nanocarbon and 2D materials: Carbon nanotubes, 2D materials, Graphene, Vander Waals heterostructures, Nanocarbon photonics, 2Dmaterials photonics
  6. Terahertz photonics: THz generation and detection, THz optical elements, THz spectroscopic, imaging, and sensing systems, THz chemistry and biology, THz applications
  7. Quantum optics and nonlinear optics: Quantum information and processing, Quantum communications, Quantum metrology, Quantum devices, Nonlinear frequency conversion, Nonlinear optical phenomena and multi photon processes, Ultrafast nonlinear optics, Nonlinear fiber optics, Nonlinear optical materials

All submissions should present original, previously unpublished work and will be subject to the normal standards and peer review processes of the journal. The standard OSA Continuum Article Processing Charges will apply to all published articles. To be eligible for publication, an expanded conference paper needs to add value to the original conference proceedings and the conference paper number must be included in the cover letter at submission. Please see Optica Publishing Group's guidelines on expanded conference papers for details.

Please prepare manuscripts according to the author instructions for submission to OSA Continuum and submit through Prism's manuscript submission system, specifying from the drop-down menu that the manuscript is for the feature issue from JSAP-OSA Joint Symposium 2021.

Guest Editors

Sunao Kurimura, National Institute for Materials Science, Japan (Lead guest editor)
Junichiro Kono, Rice University, USA
Takuo Tanaka, Riken, Japan
Prabhat Verma, Osaka University, Japan