1 October 2018, Volume 6, Issue 10, pp. 929-986; Feat. pp: C1–C48  
16 articles


Introduction to two-dimensional layered materials for ultrafast lasers

Photon. Res. 6(10), TDL1-TDL2 (2018)  View: HTML | PDF

Spotlight on Optics

Graphene-decorated microfiber knot as a broadband resonator for ultrahigh-repetition-rate pulse fiber lasers

Photon. Res. 6(10), C1-C7 (2018)  View: HTML | PDF

Saturated absorption of different layered Bi2Se3 films in the resonance zone

Photon. Res. 6(10), C8-C14 (2018)  View: HTML | PDF

Nonlinear optical properties of WSe2 and MoSe2 films and their applications in passively Q-switched erbium doped fiber lasers

Photon. Res. 6(10), C15-C21 (2018)  View: HTML | PDF

Thermo-optic all-optical devices based on two-dimensional materials

Photon. Res. 6(10), C22-C28 (2018)  View: HTML | PDF

212-kHz-linewidth, transform-limited pulses from a single-frequency Q-switched fiber laser based on a few-layer Bi2Se3 saturable absorber

Photon. Res. 6(10), C29-C35 (2018)  View: HTML | PDF

Femtosecond mode-locking of a fiber laser using a CoSb3-skutterudite-based saturable absorber

Photon. Res. 6(10), C36-C43 (2018)  View: HTML | PDF

TiS2-based saturable absorber for ultrafast fiber lasers

Photon. Res. 6(10), C44-C48 (2018)  View: HTML | PDF

High-efficiency and broadband four-wave mixing in a silicon-graphene strip waveguide with a windowed silica top layer

Photon. Res. 6(10), 965-970 (2018)  View: HTML | PDF

Integration of nanoscale light emitters: an efficient ultraviolet and blue random lasing from NaYF4:Yb/Tm hexagonal nanocrystals

Photon. Res. 6(10), 943-947 (2018)  View: HTML | PDF

Passively Q-switched femtosecond-laser-written thulium waveguide laser based on evanescent field interaction with carbon nanotubes

Photon. Res. 6(10), 971-980 (2018)  View: HTML | PDF

Anomalous transport of light at the phase transition to localization: strong dependence with incident angle

Photon. Res. 6(10), 929-942 (2018)  View: HTML | PDF

Soliton regulation in microcavities induced by fundamental–second-harmonic mode coupling

Photon. Res. 6(10), 948-953 (2018)  View: HTML | PDF

Broadband quasi-phase matching in a MgO:PPLN thin film

Photon. Res. 6(10), 954-958 (2018)  View: HTML | PDF

Nonlinear distortion and spatial dispersion of intense terahertz generation in lithium niobate via the tilted pulse front technique

Photon. Res. 6(10), 959-964 (2018)  View: HTML | PDF

Sequential trapping of single nanoparticles using a gold plasmonic nanohole array

Photon. Res. 6(10), 981-986 (2018)  View: HTML | PDF