13 January 2017, Volume 12, Issue 1  
97 articles


Single-shot diffraction-limited imaging through scattering layers via bispectrum analysis

Opt. Lett. 41(21), 5003-5006 (2016)  View: HTML | PDF

Printed optics: phantoms for quantitative deep tissue fluorescence imaging

Opt. Lett. 41(22), 5230-5233 (2016)  View: HTML | PDF

Comparison of tomographic fluorescence spectral and lifetime multiplexing

Opt. Lett. 41(22), 5337-5340 (2016)  View: HTML | PDF

Peplography—a passive 3D photon counting imaging through scattering media

Opt. Lett. 41(22), 5401-5404 (2016)  View: HTML | PDF

Analytic function for predicting light fluence rate of circular fields on a semi-infinite turbid medium

open access Opt. Express 24(23), 26261-26281 (2016)  View: HTML | PDF

Markov chain solution of photon multiple scattering through turbid slabs

open access Opt. Express 24(23), 26942-26947 (2016)  View: HTML | PDF

Monitoring blood vital bio signs using secondary speckle patterns

open access Opt. Express 24(24), 27899-27909 (2016)  View: HTML | PDF

Lock-in detection of photoacoustic feedback signal for focusing through scattering media using wave-front shaping

open access Opt. Express 24(24), 28122-28130 (2016)  View: HTML | PDF

Effects of collection geometry variations on linear and circular polarization persistence in both isotropic-scattering and forward-scattering environments

Appl. Opt. 55(32), 9042-9048 (2016)  View: HTML | PDF

Long working distance OCT with a compact 2f retinal scanning configuration for pediatric imaging

Opt. Lett. 41(21), 4891-4894 (2016)  View: HTML | PDF

Editors' Pick

In-vivo retinal imaging with off-axis full-field time-domain optical coherence tomography

open access Opt. Lett. 41(21), 4987-4990 (2016)  View: HTML | PDF

Light sheet fluorescence microscopy using high-speed structured and pivoting illumination

Opt. Lett. 41(21), 5015-5018 (2016)  View: HTML | PDF

Digital holographic microscopy in label-free analysis of cultured cells’ response to photodynamic treatment

Opt. Lett. 41(21), 5035-5038 (2016)  View: HTML | PDF  [Suppl. Mat. (1)]

Achieving magnification smaller than 1 in lensless microscopy by illumination with a convergent wavefront

Opt. Lett. 41(22), 5326-5328 (2016)  View: HTML | PDF

Surface wave illumination Fourier ptychographic microscopy

Opt. Lett. 41(22), 5373-5376 (2016)  View: HTML | PDF

Two-dimensional phase unwrapping in Doppler Fourier domain optical coherence tomography

open access Opt. Express 24(23), 26129-26145 (2016)  View: HTML | PDF

Nonresonant background suppression for coherent anti-Stokes Raman scattering microscopy using a multi-wavelength time-lens source

open access Opt. Express 24(23), 26687-26695 (2016)  View: HTML | PDF

Design of a high-speed multiple-reference optical coherence tomography system

open access Opt. Express 24(23), 26709-26714 (2016)  View: HTML | PDF

4D holographic microscopy of zebrafish larvae microcirculation

open access Opt. Express 24(23), 26887-26900 (2016)  View: HTML | PDF  [Suppl. Mat. (9)]

Three-dimensional full wave model of image formation in optical coherence tomography

open access Opt. Express 24(23), 27016-27031 (2016)  View: HTML | PDF

Interpretation of the optical transfer function: Significance for image scanning microscopy

open access Opt. Express 24(24), 27280-27287 (2016)  View: HTML | PDF

Colored point spread function engineering for parallel confocal microscopy

open access Opt. Express 24(24), 27395-27402 (2016)  View: HTML | PDF  [Suppl. Mat. (1)]

High-speed time-resolved laser-scanning microscopy using the line-to-pixel referencing method

Appl. Opt. 55(32), 9033-9041 (2016)  View: HTML | PDF

Simultaneous measurement of refractive index distribution and topography by integrated transmission and reflection digital holographic microscopy

Appl. Opt. 55(33), 9435-9439 (2016)  View: HTML | PDF

Optical coherence tomography imaging of capillary reperfusion after ischemic stroke

Appl. Opt. 55(33), 9526-9531 (2016)  View: HTML | PDF

Simulation of fluorescence enhancement by an AFM tip on a gold particle quenched emitter

Appl. Opt. 55(31), 8722-8726 (2016)  View: HTML | PDF

Metal-enhanced fluorescence of single shell-isolated alloy metal nanoparticle

Appl. Opt. 55(32), 9131-9136 (2016)  View: HTML | PDF

Wide-bandgap nonlinear crystal LiGaS2 for femtosecond mid-infrared spectroscopy with chirped-pulse upconversion

Appl. Opt. 55(33), 9365-9369 (2016)  View: HTML | PDF

Detection of Genomic DNA Damage from Radiated Nasopharyngeal Carcinoma Cells Using Surface-Enhanced Raman Spectroscopy (SERS)

Appl. Spectrosc. 70(11), 1821-1830 (2016)  View: PDF

Automatic Spike Removal Algorithm for Raman Spectra

Appl. Spectrosc. 70(11), 1861-1871 (2016)  View: PDF

Chemical and Structural Information from the Enamel of a Troodon Tooth Leading to an Understanding of Diet and Environment

Appl. Spectrosc. 70(11), 1883-1890 (2016)  View: PDF

Towards unsupervised fluorescence lifetime imaging using low dimensional variable projection

open access Opt. Express 24(23), 26777-26791 (2016)  View: HTML | PDF

Collimated light reflection and transmission of a surface partially covered by large and tenuous particles

Appl. Opt. 55(31), 8657-8666 (2016)  View: HTML | PDF

Determining the refractive index of human hemoglobin solutions by Kramers–Kronig relations with an improved absorption model

Appl. Opt. 55(31), 8951-8961 (2016)  View: HTML | PDF  [Suppl. Mat. (5)]

Generalized likelihood ratio test change detection with optical theorem constraint

J. Opt. Soc. Am. A 33(11), 2225-2236 (2016)  View: HTML | PDF

Enhanced sensitivity in single-mode silicon nitride stadium resonators at visible wavelengths

Opt. Lett. 41(22), 5377-5380 (2016)  View: HTML | PDF

Optical weak measurement system with common path implementation for label-free biomolecule sensing

Opt. Lett. 41(22), 5409-5412 (2016)  View: HTML | PDF

Tunable resonant graphene plasmons for mid-infrared biosensing

open access Opt. Express 24(23), 26241-26248 (2016)  View: HTML | PDF

Mesoporous nanospheres functionalized optical microfiber biosensor for low concentration neurotransmitter detection

open access Opt. Express 24(24), 27152-27159 (2016)  View: HTML | PDF

Grating-coupling-based excitation of Bloch surface waves for lab-on-fiber optrodes

open access Opt. Express 24(24), 27771-27784 (2016)  View: HTML | PDF

ZnO/graphene/Ag composite as recyclable surface-enhanced Raman scattering substrates

Appl. Opt. 55(32), 9105-9112 (2016)  View: HTML | PDF

Analytical and simulation results of a triple micro whispering gallery mode probe system for a 3D blood flow rate sensor

Appl. Opt. 55(33), 9504-9513 (2016)  View: HTML | PDF

Spectral and fluorescence lifetime endoscopic system using a double-clad photonic crystal fiber

open access Opt. Lett. 41(22), 5214-5217 (2016)  View: HTML | PDF

Multi-element hollow-core anti-resonant fiber for infrared thermal imaging

open access Opt. Express 24(23), 26565-26574 (2016)  View: HTML | PDF

Spatially heterodyned snapshot imaging spectrometer

Appl. Opt. 55(31), 8667-8675 (2016)  View: HTML | PDF

Chiral particles in the dual-beam optical trap

open access Opt. Express 24(23), 26382-26391 (2016)  View: HTML | PDF  [Suppl. Mat. (2)]

Spiral phase mask shadow-imaging for 3D-measurement of flow fields

open access Opt. Express 24(24), 27371-27381 (2016)  View: HTML | PDF  [Suppl. Mat. (2)]

Two-shot X-ray dark-field imaging

open access Opt. Express 24(23), 27032-27045 (2016)  View: HTML | PDF

Single-distance phase retrieval algorithm for Bragg Magnifier microscope

open access Opt. Express 24(24), 27753-27762 (2016)  View: HTML | PDF

Temperature mapping using molecular diffusion based fluorescence thermometry via simultaneous imaging of two numerical apertures

open access Opt. Express 24(23), 26599-26611 (2016)  View: HTML | PDF

Self-assembled on-chip spherical-cap-shaped microresonators for high sensitivity temperature sensing

open access Opt. Express 24(23), 26948-26955 (2016)  View: HTML | PDF

Octave-spanning mid-infrared pulses by plasma generation in air pumped with an Yb:KGW source

Opt. Lett. 41(21), 4855-4858 (2016)  View: HTML | PDF

Mid-infrared supercontinuum generation in supercritical xenon-filled hollow-core negative curvature fibers

Opt. Lett. 41(21), 5122-5125 (2016)  View: HTML | PDF

Watt-level fiber-based femtosecond laser source tunable from 2.8 to 3.6 μm

Opt. Lett. 41(22), 5294-5297 (2016)  View: HTML | PDF

Self-healing highly-chirped fiber laser at 1.0 μm

open access Opt. Express 24(24), 27577-27586 (2016)  View: HTML | PDF

Efficient generation of 1.9  W yellow light by cascaded frequency doubling of a distributed Bragg reflector tapered diode

Appl. Opt. 55(32), 9270-9274 (2016)  View: HTML | PDF

Editors' Pick

3D-imaging: a scanning light pattern projector

Appl. Opt. 55(32), 9074-9083 (2016)  View: HTML | PDF

Reconstruction of the optical system of personalized eye models by using magnetic resonance imaging

Appl. Opt. 55(32), 9145-9153 (2016)  View: HTML | PDF

Method for hue plane preserving color correction

open access J. Opt. Soc. Am. A 33(11), 2166-2177 (2016)  View: HTML | PDF

Spotlight on Optics

Registration of eye reflection and scene images using an aspherical eye model

open access J. Opt. Soc. Am. A 33(11), 2264-2276 (2016)  View: HTML | PDF

Multispectral measurement of scattering-angular light distribution in apple skin and flesh samples

Appl. Opt. 55(32), 9217-9225 (2016)  View: HTML | PDF

Object extraction from underwater images through logical stochastic resonance

Opt. Lett. 41(21), 4967-4970 (2016)  View: HTML | PDF

Polarized transfer functions of the ocean surface for above-surface determination of the vector submarine light field

Appl. Opt. 55(33), 9476-9494 (2016)  View: HTML | PDF

Digital passband processing of wideband-modulated optical signals for enhanced underwater imaging

Appl. Opt. 55(31), C18-C24 (2016)  View: HTML | PDF

Independent component analysis for enhancement of an FMCW optical ranging technique in turbid waters

Appl. Opt. 55(31), C25-C33 (2016)  View: HTML | PDF

Propagation of modulated optical beams carrying orbital angular momentum in turbid water

Appl. Opt. 55(31), C34-C38 (2016)  View: HTML | PDF

Experimental demonstration of graphene plasmons working close to the near-infrared window

Opt. Lett. 41(22), 5345-5348 (2016)  View: HTML | PDF

Study on fatigue damage characteristics of deformable mirrors under thermal-mechanical coupling effect

Appl. Opt. 55(31), 8779-8786 (2016)  View: HTML | PDF

Response for light scattered in the ocular fundus from double-pass and Hartmann–Shack estimations

J. Opt. Soc. Am. A 33(11), 2150-2157 (2016)  View: HTML | PDF

Experimental observation of the aberration effects on a radially polarized beam

J. Opt. Soc. Am. A 33(11), 2178-2187 (2016)  View: HTML | PDF

Biophysical modelling of phytoplankton communities from first principles using two-layered spheres: Equivalent Algal Populations (EAP) model: erratum

open access Opt. Express 24(24), 27423-27424 (2016)  View: HTML | PDF