10. Addressing Reviewer Comments

Revising Your Manuscript

Work with Your Co-authors

After you and your co-authors have had the opportunity to discuss the reviews, work closely together to revise the manuscript prior to crafting your response to reviewers.  This is a good time to decide which comments to address by revision of the manuscript and which to rebut, but take all critiques seriously as you may be allowed only one revision. Optica Publishing Group journals allow only one opportunity to revise and resubmit.

Remember that if a reviewer has misunderstood an aspect of your work, then other readers may also misunderstand. You should therefore seriously consider revising the manuscript to make a point more clearly even if you disagree with it.

If you undertake new measurements or calculations to address reviewers' concerns and are assisted by someone not already on the author list, consider carefully whether they should be added as an author (see section 5, Authorship).  If you change the author list, be sure to point that out in your resubmission and explain why. The journal will likely contact anyone who has been added to or removed from the author list to confirm that they agree with the change.