12. Post Acceptance

Acceptance Notification

Acceptance Notification

You will receive a formal letter of acceptance from the editor or journal office.  Read it carefully because this letter (email) may also include requests for additional information or instructions for the remainder of the process, although this information is sometimes requested in a separate piece of correspondence.

You may be asked to provide one or more of the following before your files can be sent to production:

  • A revised manuscript file that meets the journal’s technical requirements
  • Copyright, license to publish, or disclosure forms
  • Higher resolution figures
  • Request for payment of publication fees (if applicable)

The letter may also contain information about your article proof and the publication timeline:

  • Timeline for receipt of proof
  • Information about accessing your proof

If your manuscript has been accepted for publication by a journal that publishes the accepted manuscript version (the version that has been peer-reviewed but not copyedited or typeset) online, you may be asked to confirm some of the manuscript’s metadata (author names and affiliations, manuscript title and abstract, for example) at this juncture to ensure that these are correct prior to online publication.