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Optimization of two-beam laser cleavage of silicate glass

Yu. V. Nikityuk, A. N. Serdyukov, and I. Yu. Aushev
J. Opt. Technol. 89(2), 121-125 (2022)  View: PDF

Modern technologies for the laser cutting of micro- and optoelectronics materials

Vladimir Stepanovich Kondratenko, Viktor Viktorovich Kadomkin, Aleksander Sergeevich Naumov, and Ilya Éduardovich Velikovskiy
J. Opt. Technol. 89(2), 113-120 (2022)  View: PDF

Heterodyne straightness interferometer with reduced periodic nonlinearities

Tao Jin, Mengying Han, Yanfen Le, Jinglin Liu, Wenmei Hou, Lihua Lei, and Bo Zhang
J. Opt. Technol. 89(2), 107-112 (2022)  View: PDF

Fiber Bragg grating security fence with temperature compensation based on a tilted cantilever beam

Mahdi Gholampour, Mohsen Mansoursamaei, Abdollah Malakzadeh, and Mohammad Nikosefat
J. Opt. Technol. 89(2), 101-106 (2022)  View: PDF

Topological charge parallel measurement method for optical vortices based on computer-generated holography

Xianpeng Liu, Sujuan Huang, Wancai Xie, and Zhonghua Pei
J. Opt. Technol. 89(2), 94-100 (2022)  View: PDF