12 September 2011, Volume 19, Issue 19, pp. 17876-18741; Energy Express pp: A1022–A1174  
107 articles


Mathematic model analysis of Gaussian beam propagation through an arbitrary thickness random phase screen

Opt. Express 19(19), 18216-18228 (2011)  View: HTML | PDF

Comparison of full-sky polarization and radiance observations to radiative transfer simulations which employ AERONET products

Opt. Express 19(19), 18602-18613 (2011)  View: HTML | PDF  [Suppl. Mat. (1)]

Weak avalanche discrimination for gated-mode single-photon avalanche photodiodes

Opt. Express 19(19), 18510-18515 (2011)  View: HTML | PDF

Extraordinary optical transmission induced by electric resonance ring and its dynamic manipulation at far-infrared regime

Opt. Express 19(19), 18109-18115 (2011)  View: HTML | PDF

Midinfrared optical rogue waves in soft glass photonic crystal fiber

Opt. Express 19(19), 17973-17978 (2011)  View: HTML | PDF

300 km-ultralong Raman fiber lasers using a distributed mirror for sensing applications

Opt. Express 19(19), 18149-18154 (2011)  View: HTML | PDF

Reconfigurable 2.3-Tbit/s DQPSK simultaneous add/drop, data exchange and equalization using double-pass LCoS and bidirectional HNLF

Opt. Express 19(19), 18246-18252 (2011)  View: HTML | PDF

Liquid crystal modified photonic crystal fiber (LC-PCF) fabricated with an un-cured SU-8 photoresist sealing technique for electrical flux measurement

Opt. Express 19(19), 18372-18379 (2011)  View: HTML | PDF

THz propagation in kagome hollow-core microstructured fibers

Opt. Express 19(19), 18470-18478 (2011)  View: HTML | PDF

Rectangular QPSK for generation of optical eight-ary phase-shift keying

Opt. Express 19(19), 18479-18485 (2011)  View: HTML | PDF

RoF transport systems with OSNR enhanced multi-band optical carrier generator

Opt. Express 19(19), 18516-18522 (2011)  View: HTML | PDF

193nm excimer laser inscribed Bragg gratings in microfibers for refractive index sensing

Opt. Express 19(19), 18577-18583 (2011)  View: HTML | PDF

Experimental analysis of singularity-avoidance techniques for CMA equalization in DP-QPSK 112-Gb/s optical systems

Opt. Express 19(19), 18655-18664 (2011)  View: HTML | PDF

Broadband polarization pulling using Raman amplification

Opt. Express 19(19), 18707-18712 (2011)  View: HTML | PDF

Variable-frequency lock-in detection for the suppression of beat noise in Brillouin optical correlation domain analysis

Opt. Express 19(19), 18721-18728 (2011)  View: HTML | PDF

Interpretation of moiré phenomenon in the image domain

Opt. Express 19(19), 18399-18409 (2011)  View: HTML | PDF

Coherent noise suppression in digital holography based on flat fielding with apodized apertures

Opt. Express 19(19), 17951-17959 (2011)  View: HTML | PDF

Dynamic phase retrieval in temporal speckle pattern interferometry using least squares method and windowed Fourier filtering

Opt. Express 19(19), 18058-18066 (2011)  View: HTML | PDF  [Suppl. Mat. (2)]

Automatic estimation of point-spread-function for deconvoluting out-of-focus optical coherence tomographic images using information entropy-based approach

Opt. Express 19(19), 18135-18148 (2011)  View: HTML | PDF

Full-automatic self-calibration of color digital cameras using color targets

Opt. Express 19(19), 18164-18174 (2011)  View: HTML | PDF

Adaptive noise reduction method for DSPI fringes based on bi-dimensional ensemble empirical mode decomposition

Opt. Express 19(19), 18207-18215 (2011)  View: HTML | PDF

Wavefield imaging via iterative retrieval based on phase modulation diversity

Opt. Express 19(19), 18621-18635 (2011)  View: HTML | PDF

Frequency domain depth filtering of integral imaging

Opt. Express 19(19), 18729-18741 (2011)  View: HTML | PDF  [Suppl. Mat. (6)]

In situ aberration measurement technique based on principal component analysis of aerial image

Opt. Express 19(19), 18080-18090 (2011)  View: HTML | PDF

Offset frequency dynamics and phase noise properties of a self-referenced 10 GHz Ti:sapphire frequency comb

Opt. Express 19(19), 18440-18451 (2011)  View: HTML | PDF

Phase-stepped fringe projection by rotation about the camera’s perspective center

Opt. Express 19(19), 18458-18469 (2011)  View: HTML | PDF

Sub-micron absolute distance measurements in sub-millisecond times with dual free-running femtosecond Er fiber-lasers

Opt. Express 19(19), 18501-18509 (2011)  View: HTML | PDF

Implementation of PT symmetric devices using plasmonics: principle and applications

Opt. Express 19(19), 18004-18019 (2011)  View: HTML | PDF

Si-photonics based passive device packaging and module performance

Opt. Express 19(19), 18020-18028 (2011)  View: HTML | PDF

Fabrication of low loss and high speed silicon optical modulator using doping compensation method

Opt. Express 19(19), 18029-18035 (2011)  View: HTML | PDF

Low-energy MOS depletion modulators in silicon-on-insulator micro-donut resonators coupled to bus waveguides

Opt. Express 19(19), 18122-18134 (2011)  View: HTML | PDF

Femtosecond laser writing of waveguide retarders in fused silica for polarization control in optical circuits

Opt. Express 19(19), 18294-18301 (2011)  View: HTML | PDF

Direction-dependent optical modes in nanoscale Silicon waveguides

Opt. Express 19(19), 18380-18392 (2011)  View: HTML | PDF

Perfect absorber supported by optical Tamm states in plasmonic waveguide

Opt. Express 19(19), 18393-18398 (2011)  View: HTML | PDF  [Suppl. Mat. (2)]

Novel ultra-short and ultra-broadband polarization beam splitter based on a bent directional coupler

Opt. Express 19(19), 18614-18620 (2011)  View: HTML | PDF

Efficient single-beam light manipulation of 3D microstructures in azobenzene-containing materials

Opt. Express 19(19), 18687-18695 (2011)  View: HTML | PDF

Non-linear optoelectronic phase-locked loop for stabilization of opto-millimeter waves: towards a narrow linewidth tunable THz source

Opt. Express 19(19), 17944-17950 (2011)  View: HTML | PDF

Lasing at exciton transition in optically pumped gallium nitride nanopillars

Opt. Express 19(19), 17960-17965 (2011)  View: HTML | PDF

Mechanical tuning of whispering gallery modes over a 0.5 THz tuning range with MHz resolution in a silica microsphere at cryogenic temperatures

Opt. Express 19(19), 17966-17972 (2011)  View: HTML | PDF

Measuring frequency noise and intrinsic linewidth of a room-temperature DFB quantum cascade laser

Opt. Express 19(19), 17996-18003 (2011)  View: HTML | PDF

Low repetition rate high energy 1.5 µm fiber laser

Opt. Express 19(19), 18067-18071 (2011)  View: HTML | PDF

Mapping of Ising models onto injection-locked laser systems

Opt. Express 19(19), 18091-18108 (2011)  View: HTML | PDF

Metallically confined microdisks with in-plane multiple guided emissions

Opt. Express 19(19), 18116-18121 (2011)  View: HTML | PDF

Local laser cooling of Yb:YLF to 110 K

Opt. Express 19(19), 18229-18236 (2011)  View: HTML | PDF

Plasmonic crystal defect nanolaser

Opt. Express 19(19), 18237-18245 (2011)  View: HTML | PDF

Modal loss mechanism of micro-structured VCSELs studied using full vector FDTD method

Opt. Express 19(19), 18272-18282 (2011)  View: HTML | PDF

Generation of radially polarized beams based on thermal analysis of a working cavity

Opt. Express 19(19), 18302-18309 (2011)  View: HTML | PDF

Polarization dynamics in dissipative soliton fiber lasers mode-locked by nonlinear polarization rotation

Opt. Express 19(19), 18339-18344 (2011)  View: HTML | PDF

Rapidly frequency-swept optical beat source for continuous wave terahertz generation

Opt. Express 19(19), 18364-18371 (2011)  View: HTML | PDF

Cascaded random distributed feedback Raman fiber laser operating at 1.2 μm

Opt. Express 19(19), 18486-18494 (2011)  View: HTML | PDF

Evidence of dissipative solitons in Yb3+:CaYAlO4

Opt. Express 19(19), 18495-18500 (2011)  View: HTML | PDF

Power scaling analysis of tandem-pumped Yb-doped fiber lasers and amplifiers

Opt. Express 19(19), 18645-18654 (2011)  View: HTML | PDF

Experimental retrieval of the kinetic parameters of a dye in a solid film

Opt. Express 19(19), 18253-18259 (2011)  View: HTML | PDF

Towards a field-compatible optical Spectroscopic device for cervical cancer screening in resource-limited settings: effects of calibration and pressure

Opt. Express 19(19), 17908-17924 (2011)  View: HTML | PDF

Spectral phase based k-domain interpolation for uniform sampling in swept-source optical coherence tomography

Opt. Express 19(19), 18430-18439 (2011)  View: HTML | PDF

Contrast enhanced high-resolution diffuse optical tomography of the human brain using ICG

Opt. Express 19(19), 18636-18644 (2011)  View: HTML | PDF  [Suppl. Mat. (2)]

Nonlinear responses in optical metamaterials: theory and experiment

Opt. Express 19(19), 18283-18293 (2011)  View: HTML | PDF

Complex bound and leaky modes in chains of plasmonic nanospheres

Opt. Express 19(19), 18345-18363 (2011)  View: HTML | PDF

Ultra-broadband pulse evolution in optical parametric oscillators

Opt. Express 19(19), 17979-17984 (2011)  View: HTML | PDF

Two-photon excitation and stimulated emission depletion by a single wavelength

Opt. Express 19(19), 18036-18048 (2011)  View: HTML | PDF

Sub-kHz-level relative stabilization of an intracavity doubled continuous wave optical parametric oscillator using Pound-Drever-Hall scheme

Opt. Express 19(19), 18049-18057 (2011)  View: HTML | PDF

Dual-frequency picosecond optical parametric generator pumped by a Nd-doped vanadate bounce laser

Opt. Express 19(19), 18523-18528 (2011)  View: HTML | PDF

Chromatic aberration control for tunable all-silicone membrane microlenses

Opt. Express 19(19), 18584-18592 (2011)  View: HTML | PDF

Microlenses with defined contour shapes

Opt. Express 19(19), 18665-18670 (2011)  View: HTML | PDF

Ultra-high extinction ratio micropolarizers using plasmonic lenses

Opt. Express 19(19), 18072-18079 (2011)  View: HTML | PDF

Effect of the thickness of undoped GaN interlayers between multiple quantum wells and the p-doped layer on the performance of GaN light-emitting diodes

Opt. Express 19(19), 18319-18323 (2011)  View: HTML | PDF

Widely tunable single-bandpass microwave photonic filter employing a non-sliced broadband optical source

Opt. Express 19(19), 18423-18429 (2011)  View: HTML | PDF

Engineering the properties of terahertz filters using multilayer aperture arrays

Opt. Express 19(19), 18678-18686 (2011)  View: HTML | PDF

Towards total photonic control of complex-shaped colloids by vortex beams

Opt. Express 19(19), 18182-18189 (2011)  View: HTML | PDF  [Suppl. Mat. (2)]

Tailored optical force fields using evolutionary algorithms

Opt. Express 19(19), 18543-18557 (2011)  View: HTML | PDF

Bright blue photoluminescence from the amorphous carbon via surface plasmon enhancement

Opt. Express 19(19), 17935-17943 (2011)  View: HTML | PDF

Design of an integrated coupler for the electrical generation of surface plasmon polaritons

Opt. Express 19(19), 18155-18163 (2011)  View: HTML | PDF

Spectral tunability of a plasmonic antenna with a dielectric nanocrystal

Opt. Express 19(19), 18175-18181 (2011)  View: HTML | PDF

Reduced radiation losses in electron beam excited propagating plasmons

Opt. Express 19(19), 18713-18720 (2011)  View: HTML | PDF

Demonstration of modulatable optical near-field interactions between dispersed resonant quantum dots

Opt. Express 19(19), 18260-18271 (2011)  View: HTML | PDF

Optical gain in single tensile-strained germanium photonic wire

Opt. Express 19(19), 17925-17934 (2011)  View: HTML | PDF

Energy-bandwidth trade-off in all-optical photonic crystal microcavity switches

Opt. Express 19(19), 18410-18422 (2011)  View: HTML | PDF

Deterministic design of wavelength scale, ultra-high Q photonic crystal nanobeam cavities

Opt. Express 19(19), 18529-18542 (2011)  View: HTML | PDF

Dipole radiation within one-dimensional anisotropic microcavities: a simulation method

Opt. Express 19(19), 18558-18576 (2011)  View: HTML | PDF

Theory of quantum frequency translation of light in optical fiber: application to interference of two photons of different color

Opt. Express 19(19), 17876-17907 (2011)  View: HTML | PDF

Influence of atmospheric turbulence on the propagation of quantum states of light using plane-wave encoding

Opt. Express 19(19), 18310-18317 (2011)  View: HTML | PDF

Demonstration of digital readout circuit for superconducting nanowire single photon detector

Opt. Express 19(19), 18593-18601 (2011)  View: HTML | PDF

CALIPSO lidar ratio retrieval over the ocean

Opt. Express 19(19), 18696-18706 (2011)  View: HTML | PDF

Compact and multiplexible hydrogen gas sensor assisted by self-referencing technique

Opt. Express 19(19), 18190-18198 (2011)  View: HTML | PDF

Demonstration of a compact temperature sensor based on first-order Bragg grating in a tapered fiber probe

Opt. Express 19(19), 18452-18457 (2011)  View: HTML | PDF

Noncontact optical detection of explosive particles via photodissociation followed by laser-induced fluorescence

Opt. Express 19(19), 18671-18677 (2011)  View: HTML | PDF

Sensitivity of X-ray grating interferometry

Opt. Express 19(19), 18324-18338 (2011)  View: HTML | PDF

Modal analysis of enhanced absorption in silicon nanowire arrays

Opt. Express 19(S5), A1067-A1081 (2011)  View: HTML | PDF

Nanoscale heat flux between nanoporous materials

Opt. Express 19(S5), A1088-A1103 (2011)  View: HTML | PDF

Combined feedback method for designing a free-form optical system with complicated illumination patterns for an extended LED source

Opt. Express 19(S5), A1022-A1030 (2011)  View: HTML | PDF

GaN-based light-emitting diodes with photonic crystals structures fabricated by porous anodic alumina template

Opt. Express 19(S5), A1104-A1108 (2011)  View: HTML | PDF

InGaN light emitting diodes with a laser-treated tapered GaN structure

Opt. Express 19(S5), A1126-A1134 (2011)  View: HTML | PDF

Effects of the refractive index of the encapsulant on the light-extraction efficiency of light-emitting diodes

Opt. Express 19(S5), A1135-A1140 (2011)  View: HTML | PDF

Antireflection effect of femtosecond laser-induced periodic surface structures on silicon

Opt. Express 19(S5), A1031-A1036 (2011)  View: HTML | PDF

Full-field unsymmetrical beam shaping for decreasing and homogenizing the thermal deformation of optical element in a beam control system

Opt. Express 19(S5), A1037-A1050 (2011)  View: HTML | PDF

Spotlight on Optics

Spontaneous buckling in flexible organic light-emitting devices for enhanced light extraction

Opt. Express 19(S5), A1117-A1125 (2011)  View: HTML | PDF

Broadband antireflection and absorption enhancement by forming nano-patterned Si structures for solar cells

Opt. Express 19(S5), A1051-A1056 (2011)  View: HTML | PDF

Optical and electrical study of core-shell silicon nanowires for solar applications

Opt. Express 19(S5), A1057-A1066 (2011)  View: HTML | PDF

Enhanced efficiency for c-Si solar cell with nanopillar array via quantum dots layers

Opt. Express 19(S5), A1141-A1147 (2011)  View: HTML | PDF

Optimal design of aperiodic, vertical silicon nanowire structures for photovoltaics

Opt. Express 19(S5), A1148-A1154 (2011)  View: HTML | PDF

High power diode-pumped 2.7-μm Er3+:Y2O3 laser with nearly quantum defect-limited efficiency

Opt. Express 19(S5), A1082-A1087 (2011)  View: HTML | PDF

Wafer-scale broadband antireflective silicon fabricated by metal-assisted chemical etching using spin-coating Ag ink

Opt. Express 19(S5), A1109-A1116 (2011)  View: HTML | PDF

Efficient optical absorption in thin-film solar cells

Opt. Express 19(S5), A1165-A1174 (2011)  View: HTML | PDF