JOSA B and Optics Express Special Issues on Optical Cooling and Trapping

Submissions Open: 1 November 2014
Submission Deadline: 5 January 2014

The OSA Technical Group on Optical Cooling and Trapping is organizing special issues of Optics Express and the Journal of the Optical Society of America B that will be devoted to papers reporting new and challenging results in the field. The issues are scheduled for publication in early 2015. It is our aim to attract new research groups, as well as the most active researchers and experts in the field to contribute original submissions to the special issues, and to make them important points of reference representing the tremendous development and advances in the field in the last decade.

Topics for the special issues include, but are not limited to, the physics and application of laser cooling, electromagnetic trapping and other radiative manipulation of neutral atoms, ions, dielectric particles and nanostructures. We also encourage submitting authors to highlight the significance of their reported technique or development to the spirit of the International Year of Light and Light-Based Technologies.

Scientific and technological innovations are the main factors for submissions to either one of the journals, but authors should recognize the difference between JOSA B and Optics Express and select the appropriate journal for submission. The guest editors could recommend a transfer to the other journal if necessary.

As for JOSA B, authors are encouraged to give full and in-depth descriptions of the concept, theory, mathematical model, experimental system, and experimental results, with an emphasis on the physical optics and interactions of light with matter (e.g., radiation pressure forces, excitations of trapped or cooled bodies, etc). For example, when a reader can reproduce your results by following your paper, we deem the descriptions as in-depth. As for Optics Express, authors are encouraged to emphasize more on innovation rather than in-depth descriptions. Authors are highly encouraged to use video multimedia files to demonstrate their innovative works.

Submissions to both journals should place the work in context with appropriate coverage of previously published related results and other useful references.

Papers submitted to the special issues should follow the corresponding journal style guide and templates. Manuscripts must also be uploaded through OSA's Prism article tracking system. Please specify that the manuscript is for the Optical Cooling and Trapping feature (choose from the feature issue drop-down menu).

Papers will be published in their respective journals as completed. A combined table of contents of papers in JOSA B and Optics Express will also appear in OSA Publishing in May 2015. Papers published in Optics Express are subject to the regular publication charges. Authors who publish in JOSA B may pay the optional open-access fee to make their papers freely accessible.

Guest Editors
Antonio A. R. Neves, Federal University of ABC, Brazil (Lead)
Philip H. Jones, UCL, UK
Onofrio M. Maragò, CNR-IPCF, Italy