Editors and Staff

Optics Express, Vol. 11, Iss. 26, pp. 3518-3747

Michael Duncan    Naval Research Laboratory
Associate Editors
Govind P. Agrawal    University of Rochester
Miguel Alonso    University of Rochester
Brett Bouma    Harvard Medical School
Thomas Brown    University of Rochester
Martijn de Sterke    University of Sydney
Mikhail V. Fedorov    General Physics Institute, Moscow
Michael Feit    Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory
Paul French    Imperial College of Science
Joseph W. Haus    University of Dayton
Stefan W. Hell    Max-Planck-Institute
Christoph Hitzenberger    University of Vienna
Charles Matson    Air Force Research Laboratory
Kazimierz Rzazewski    Polish Academy of Sciences
James C. Wyant    University of Arizona
OSA Staff
John Childs, Ph.D.
Senior Director of Publications
Scott Dineen
Director of Electronic Journals
Jennifer Martin
Managing Editor